Landmark Court Decision Reverses Housing Appeals Committee’s Approval, Protecting Nantucket’s Community and Zoning Code Rights

Nantucket, Massachusetts – In a significant and rare ruling, Superior Court Judge Gildea has reversed the decision made by the Housing Appeals Committee regarding the Surfside Crossing project. This decision has now placed the project in violation of the Town of Nantucket’s zoning code, resulting in the revocation of the building permit that was issued in November.

Judge Gildea’s ruling is a testament to the fact that the citizens’ voices were not only heard but carried weight in this case. Despite the developers’ opposition, the judge recognized the community’s standing and acknowledged their disadvantage. Consequently, the court decided to vacate the permit and remand the project back to the Nantucket Zoning Board of Appeals, aligning with what the community had fought for.

The decision to appeal the Housing Appeals Committee’s ruling was made by the citizens and Nantucket Tipping Point, as they believed the community’s rights had been infringed upon and their ability to participate had been compromised. The project had undergone substantial changes without proper consultation with local boards or community members, leaving concerns about how it would impact the health, safety, welfare, and environment of Nantucket’s residents.

When the Select Board decided to drop the appeal, it was up to the local citizens to take up the fight. Through their unwavering support, the citizens prevailed. This victory would not have been possible without the collective effort of those who participated, showed support, wrote letters, attended meetings, made donations, and made their voices heard. Challenging the established order is never easy, particularly on a small island like Nantucket. This community-led grassroots movement was fueled by love for the island, its future generations, and the determination to right the wrong.

The Nantucket Tipping Point and the entire community express their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this endeavor over the past five and a half years. Their continued support and vigilance will be crucial as they navigate the upcoming Zoning Board of Appeals hearings. Through this experience, the seemingly silent majority has demonstrated the power of persistence and the importance of standing up for what is right.

To summarize, Superior Court Judge Gildea’s decision has overturned the Housing Appeals Committee’s ruling, rendering Surfside Crossing in violation of the zoning code. This triumph is a result of the unwavering determination and support shown by the Nantucket community. As they move forward, their persistence serves as a reminder of the value of grassroots efforts in safeguarding their cherished island’s future.