Lawmaker Slams Trump’s Lawyers for Dangerous Claim: Presidents Incentivized to Assassinate Senators

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressman Jamie Raskin, a Democrat representing Maryland, criticized former President Donald Trump’s attorney for making what he called an “utterly ludicrous” argument in federal court on Tuesday. John Sauer, the attorney, appeared before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and argued that the former president is immune from criminal prosecution.

During the court proceedings, Judge Florence Pan posed a hypothetical question to Sauer, asking if a president could order the assassination of a political rival. Sauer responded that a president would have to be impeached and convicted before facing criminal prosecution. This argument has been widely ridiculed by legal experts.

Raskin, appearing on CNN after the oral arguments, expressed his astonishment at the presentation before the three-judge panel. He highlighted the dangerous implications of Trump’s argument, stating that it essentially asserts the president’s right to assassinate people without any fear of prosecution, as long as they have not been impeached and convicted. Raskin warned that this could incentivize a sitting president to murder unsupportive lawmakers.

The lawmaker’s comments shed light on the outlandish and deranged worldview of Donald Trump. Raskin stressed the danger of this approach, as it revolves around political violence, a concerning prospect for the democratic process.

These arguments raised in court demonstrate the potential loopholes within the legal system. If a president could avoid conviction by eliminating opposition through assassination, it would undermine the rule of law and endanger the democratic principles that the United States upholds. The absurdity of Trump’s argument is evident, as no president has ever attempted such a claim in American history.

It is crucial to uphold the integrity of the justice system by ensuring that sitting presidents are held accountable for their actions. A failure to do so would undermine the principles of democracy and the pursuit of justice. The arguments presented in court highlight the need for robust legal safeguards and the responsibility of lawmakers to address any potential threats to the democratic process.

In conclusion, Congressman Jamie Raskin denounced the argument presented by Donald Trump’s attorney in court, which suggested that a president could kill a political rival without facing criminal prosecution. Raskin’s remarks underscored the dangerous implications of such an assertion and called for a commitment to upholding democratic principles and the rule of law.