Lawsuit Accuses Dating Apps of Deliberately Fueling Addiction, Dominating Traditional Courtship

SAN FRANCISCO – A group of six users of popular dating apps Tinder, Hinge, and others have filed a lawsuit against Match Group Inc, the Dallas-based company that owns these platforms. The lawsuit, filed on Valentine’s Day, claims that these dating apps are deliberately designed to make their users addicted. In a 58-page complaint, the individuals argue that the apps have transformed social norms and replaced traditional courtship with technology.

According to the users, while online dating has made it more convenient for people to connect and form relationships, it has come at a heavy cost. They allege that these apps are intentionally designed to be addictive. The lawsuit alleges that Match Group Inc, which owns these platforms, presents them as effective tools to establish offline relationships but secretly manipulates users to keep them engaged and paying for subscriptions.

The complaint accuses Match’s apps of using recognized dopamine-manipulating product features to create a gambling-like effect that keeps users hooked and drives expensive subscriptions. Push notifications and incentive rewards are cited as examples of the strategies employed by these apps.

Match Group Inc has strongly refuted the allegations, calling the lawsuit “ridiculous” and without merit. The company’s spokesperson emphasized that their business model is not based on advertising or engagement metrics, and they actively encourage users to go on dates and leave their apps behind. The spokesperson believes that those who claim otherwise misunderstand the purpose and mission of the entire industry.

All six individuals involved in the lawsuit have purchased subscriptions to Tinder and Hinge. The lawsuit is likely to spark a debate about the impact of dating apps on society and the responsibility of the companies behind these platforms. It remains to be seen how the court will interpret the claims made by the users and the defenses put forth by Match Group Inc.