Lawsuit Alleges Toddler Left Permanently Paralyzed After Choking on Candy Land Gummy Candy

Philadelphia, PA – A toddler who suffered severe consequences after choking on a Candy Land-branded gummy candy has filed a lawsuit against Frankford Candy Co. of Pennsylvania and Hasbro toy company, both of which are accused of product liability and negligence. The lawsuit claims that the companies failed to include warning labels about choking hazards or provide suggested age ranges for children who consume the candy.

According to a statement released by Philadelphia attorney Thomas Bosworth, the parents of 3-year-old Amelie Paredes Sotelo noticed her choking on a piece of the Candy Land gummy candy on December 13, 2022. Although they tried to remove the candy themselves, they were unsuccessful and had to rush her to the hospital.

During the attempt to remove the candy from her throat, doctors encountered difficulties due to the excessive stickiness and lack of pliability of the product, as mentioned in the lawsuit. As a result, Amelie’s brain was deprived of oxygen for an extended period, leading to permanent brain damage and a condition called spastic quadriplegia. This condition has left her unable to control most of her bodily functions, and she now relies on a permanent gastronomy tube for feeding.

Amidst the devastating situation, Amelie’s family has decided to take legal action and seek justice for their daughter. Attorney Thomas Bosworth expressed shock at the severe brain damage caused by just one piece of this candy. He emphasized the need for these candies to either be removed from shelves altogether or come with clear and accurate warnings about the potential choking hazard and safe age range for consumption.

The lawsuit against Frankford Candy Co. and Hasbro seeks compensation for the irreversible damage suffered by Amelie. Bosworth has requested a jury trial and believes the case could be worth millions of dollars.

FOX TV Stations reached out to both companies for comment but has yet to receive a response. The consequences of this incident serve as a reminder of the importance of product safety and responsible labeling, particularly when it comes to products intended for children.

In summary, a lawsuit has been filed against Frankford Candy Co. and Hasbro after a 3-year-old girl was left permanently paralyzed and with severe brain damage from choking on a Candy Land gummy candy. The family is seeking justice and hopes to raise awareness about the need for proper warning labels on all products, especially those made for children.