Lawyer Condemns Inhumane Conditions of Abdullah Öcalan’s Detention, Calls for Global Action

GENEVA, Switzerland – Olivier Peter, a lawyer from the Geneva Bar Association, voiced strong criticism of the conditions of Abdullah Öcalan’s detention, describing them as a serious violation of fundamental human rights. Peter’s concerns were addressed during an interview with Serkan Demirel of Medya Haber at the “Political Prisoners in the World and Turkey” conference on Saturday.

During the interview, Peter emphasized that the isolation imposed on Öcalan not only infringed upon his rights, but also extended to his family’s rights. He firmly stated that families should have the right to meet and communicate with their imprisoned relatives. Peter further condemned the violation of Öcalan’s right to communicate with the outside world, labeling the isolation as inhumane and akin to torture.

In addition, Peter raised awareness of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture’s (CPT) knowledge regarding Öcalan’s situation, although this information has not been made public. Peter argued that while the CPT could fulfill its duties in İmralı, it would require the support of other nations cooperating with Turkey to bring Öcalan’s case to the forefront. He stressed the importance of international pressure, asserting that Turkey would not take action without it.

Expressing his belief in the freedom of all political prisoners, including Öcalan, Peter called for global action through demonstrations, condemnations, and other forms of activism. He urged the international community to recognize this situation as a violation of human rights and to exert pressure on Turkey to bring about change.

The “Political Prisoners in the World and Turkey” conference provided a platform for lawyers, academics, and human rights activists to discuss the plight of political prisoners, bringing attention to the conditions faced by individuals like Abdullah Öcalan. Discussions like these shed light on the human rights issues prevalent in various countries and call for accountability and change.

By highlighting the violation of Öcalan’s rights and pushing for international pressure, Peter’s remarks contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the improvement of conditions for political prisoners worldwide. Such discussions serve as a reminder of the importance of upholding fundamental human rights and fighting against injustices.