Lawyers Resolve Immaturity Impasse with Unconventional Game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Lawyers often fondly hold on to cherished childhood memories. For one lawyer, his fascination with garbage trucks as a little boy unexpectedly influenced his career path in an unusual way.

The lawyer recalls his mother’s surprise when he chose to become a lawyer, considering his childhood obsession with sanitation workers and their garbage trucks. Little did she know that years later, one of his first product liability cases would involve a defective side-loading trash collection truck.

Maintaining a connection to childhood joys is important for lawyers. However, sometimes behaving childishly in a legal setting can lead to unfavorable consequences. In a 2006 case in Florida’s Middle District, U.S. District Judge Gregory Presnell grew frustrated with the immaturity displayed by both sides of the case. The lawyers could not even agree on a location for a deposition, with one suggesting a court reporter’s office down the street and the other proposing the building where both lawyers worked, just four floors apart.

In response to this ongoing dispute, Judge Presnell decided on an unconventional form of dispute resolution. He ordered both lawyers to meet at a neutral site or the front steps of the federal courthouse and participate in a game of “rock, paper, scissors.” The winner of the game would then have the authority to choose the location for the deposition. Fortunately, the lawyers ultimately resolved their disagreement without having to resort to such a playground-style method.

This story highlights the importance of professionalism and maturity in the legal field. While maintaining a sense of childhood wonder may bring personal joy, it is crucial for lawyers to act in a mature and responsible manner when representing their clients in a courtroom setting.

Lawyers, like people in any profession, have unique backgrounds and experiences that shape their perspectives. The lawyer in this story found unexpected connections between his childhood fascination with garbage trucks and his legal career. It serves as a reminder that individuals’ personal experiences can have a lasting impact on their professional choices.

In conclusion, this lawyer’s story showcases the importance of maintaining professionalism and maturity in the legal field. While childhood memories may hold a special place in our hearts, it is paramount for lawyers to conduct themselves in a responsible and adult manner when dealing with legal matters.