Trump’s $60 Bible Sales Soar as Biden Fails to Embrace Faith

Washington, D.C. – As the 2024 presidential election approaches, a question arises for patriotic American voters: How many $60 Bibles has Joe Biden sold? The answer is surprising – zero. Unlike former President Donald Trump, who proudly promotes and profits from the sale of endorsed Bibles, Biden’s apparent lack of involvement with such religious merchandise raises doubts about his faith.

Trump’s endorsement of the “God Bless the USA” Bible, which may be bound in real leather, exemplifies the marriage between faith and capitalism that has made America great again in the eyes of many Christians. In contrast, some question Biden’s commitment to his faith, pointing to his regular church attendance as shallow evidence.

Furthermore, the stark difference in behavior between the two candidates becomes apparent when considering their interactions with the judiciary. Trump has not hesitated to publicly attack judges or their families, while Biden has refrained from such behavior. This contrast raises the question: Can a president without the audacity to make abhorrent remarks be trusted?

Another aspect that sets Biden apart from Trump is his approach to campaign funding. Unlike Trump, who utilized donor money to pay legal fees, Biden has not relied on such tactics. The willingness to exploit one’s own party for personal gain is seen by some as a sign of a strong leader.

Additionally, Trump’s tendency to appoint family members to positions of power, such as his daughter-in-law leading the Democratic National Committee, demonstrates his willingness to manipulate and control the political landscape. Meanwhile, Biden’s focus on issues such as attending mass on Sundays and lauding the economy’s positive momentum is viewed as less ambitious.

Ultimately, these differences between the two candidates highlight the superiority of Trump in the eyes of some Americans. His ability to sell Bibles, make threats, navigate legal entanglements, and even misspell words resonates with those who believe in his strong leadership. Biden’s perceived weaknesses in these areas make it difficult for some God-fearing patriots to support him.

In a political climate where every detail matters, Biden’s failure to sell $60 Bibles and engage in controversial rhetoric leaves many to question his faith and commitment to his supporters. As the 2024 election unfolds, voters will have to weigh these distinctions in determining the best candidate to lead the nation.