Leading Mass Torts Attorney Mikal Watts Announces Restructuring Agreement with Partner, Emphasizes Continued Commitment to Clients

San Antonio, Texas – Renowned mass torts attorney, Mikal Watts, announced a restructuring of the partnership that forms the core of his firm, Watts Guerra. Partnering with Frank Guerra for over 22 years, Watts expressed his admiration for Guerra and the exciting prospects that lie ahead for their clients and the firm. Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Watts clarified that he will not be leaving the firm.

Watts has gained significant recognition in the field of mass torts for leading high-stakes, multi-district litigation against major corporations. Among the high-profile cases being handled by Watts Guerra are claims related to water contamination at Camp Lejeune Marine base, allegations of negligence by Hawaiian Electric leading to deadly wildfires in Maui, and the link between Johnson & Johnson talcum products and cancer. Watts consistently appears in court and engages with the media as the face of these cases.

One of Watts’ notable endeavors involves representing approximately 16,000 Johnson & Johnson talc claimants. He is also part of a group of attorneys supporting an $8.9 billion proposed settlement. However, his legal journey hasn’t been without controversy. In 2015, Watts and seven others were charged with fabricating thousands of clients to collect payouts from BP following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Ultimately, Watts and four co-defendants were acquitted of these charges.

Watts remains fiercely dedicated to his work, actively participating in legal conferences where he voices concerns about the prevalence of false claims in mass torts. In particular, he has shed light on the intricate path of money that flows from litigation funders to law firms and eventually to lead generators. Through a comprehensive audit, Watts and his firm identified and dismissed numerous bogus leads.

Aside from his involvement in mass torts, Watts has been representing plaintiffs in suits against manufacturers of Tylenol and generic acetaminophen. These cases allege that the drug, when consumed by pregnant women, can lead to ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder in their children. Although a Daubert hearing was held regarding the admissibility of evidence supporting these claims, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ultimately ruled against their admissibility due to the selective and misrepresented nature of the study results.

Watts founded his firm in 2002 and partnered with Francisco Guerra IV in 2009, resulting in the establishment of Watts Guerra. Presently, the firm operates offices in both Texas and California, solidifying its presence in the legal landscape. With an eventful career marked by notable cases and controversies, Mikal Watts continues to make his mark as an influential figure in the world of mass torts.