Emerging Trends in 2024: Products Liability & Mass Torts Point to AI Risks, Public Nuisance Claims, Right to Repair Debates, PFAS Lawsuits, and Changes to Expert Testimony Rule

Los Angeles, California – As we enter 2024, it is crucial to keep an eye on the emerging trends in products liability and mass torts. These developments have the potential to significantly impact the legal landscape and shape the future of litigation. Let’s explore five key trends that demand our attention this year. Firstly, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a new frontier for mass tort claims. The increased utilization of AI in various industries may lead to defects in product design or faulty code, resulting in potential mass tort litigation. As this technology … Read more

Steptoe LLP Loses Three Partners as Venable LLP Gains Ground in Product Liability and Mass Torts Practice

Chicago and Los Angeles have witnessed a significant departure of three partners in the fields of product liability and mass torts from the renowned law firm Steptoe LLP. These partners have now found a new professional home at Venable LLP, marking a significant transition in the legal landscape. The announcement regarding this move was made on Tuesday, and it has garnered considerable attention within the legal community. This development underscores the competitive nature of the legal industry, where high-profile attorneys constantly seek new opportunities to expand their practice and make a greater impact. By joining … Read more

Landmark Approval: US Judicial Panel Introduces Groundbreaking Rule to Regulate Federal Mass Tort Cases

WASHINGTON (AP) — A judicial panel in the United States has approved a groundbreaking rule to regulate federal mass torts, marking a significant step forward in the legal arena. The rule, which is set to take effect in 2024, aims to streamline and consolidate the handling of mass litigation cases involving numerous plaintiffs across multiple federal courts. The approval of this rule comes as a response to the growing concern over the complexity and inefficiency of managing mass torts. Currently, cases involving similar claims but scattered across multiple jurisdictions often face logistical challenges and inconsistencies … Read more

Litigation Lawyer Justin VandenBout Joins Norton Rose Fulbright’s Houston Team, Enhancing their Products, Pharma, Medical, and Mass Tort Practice

HOUSTON, TX – Norton Rose Fulbright, a global law firm, has recently added litigator Justin VandenBout as a partner to their Products, Pharma, Medical, and Mass Tort practice team. VandenBout, who previously worked at Chamberlain Hrdlicka, brings with him a diverse range of litigation experience, specializing in commercial litigation, product liability, insurance coverage, and mass tort cases. He has represented clients on both sides of legal disputes in federal and state courts throughout the United States, demonstrating his ability to handle a wide array of cases. VandenBout’s expertise and dedication to his clients have earned … Read more