Motley Rice Law Firm Boosts Presence in Philadelphia, Broadens Mass Tort Services

Philadelphia, PA — Renowned legal firm Motley Rice LLC is poised to expand its presence in the Philadelphia area, indicating a strategic enhancement of its mass tort practices designed to address complex legal challenges more effectively. The expansion underlines the firm’s commitment to support clients dealing with multifaceted legal disputes that often accompany mass tort litigation, such as large-scale product liability and environmental harm issues. Motley Rice, founded with a mission to advocate for victims of corporate and other large-scale wrongdoings, sees this expansion as a vital step to reach affected individuals in one of … Read more

Billions on the Line: How Litigation Finance Is Fueling a Surge in Mass Tort Lawsuits

New York — The expansive world of mass tort litigation has emerged as a major player in the financial sectors influencing both the legal and investment landscapes. A growing interest in these types of cases has led to a significant influx of capital, with litigation funding reaching new heights. Companies have invested nearly $17 billion into various high-stakes lawsuits, including the widely publicized Camp Lejeune and 3M earplug cases, in 2023 alone. This surge in financial backing not only underscores the profitability of such lawsuits but also signals a shift in how legal battles are … Read more

Motley Rice Law Firm Bolsters Philadelphia Presence with Expanded Mass Tort Practice

Philadelphia, PA – With a strong legal tradition already established in various U.S. cities, the Motley Rice Law Firm is broadening its horizons by expanding its mass tort practice to the Philadelphia area. This move signifies an important strategic step for the firm, known for its litigation expertise, particularly in substantial, complex cases involving large corporations. Motley Rice, co-founded by Ronald Motley and Joe Rice, has been at the forefront of some of the nation’s most significant legal battles. These include litigation against tobacco companies and the landmark lawsuit against terrorist financiers following the attacks … Read more

Motley Rice Boosts Philadelphia Team with New Mass Tort Specialist from Pogust Goodhead

Philadelphia, PA – Motley Rice LLC, a prominent legal firm known for taking high stakes cases, especially in environments heavily impacted by corporate malfeasances, recently bolstered its operations in Philadelphia through the strategic hiring of a renowned mass tort specialist. This addition marks a significant enhancement in the firm’s ability to manage and litigate complex, large-scale legal disputes. The new team member, who formerly spent a decade honing skills and building a distinguished career at Pogust Goodhead, brings extensive experience and a formidable track record in mass tort litigation to Motley Rice. This strategic hire … Read more