Local Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Tow Truck Driver Will Face Grand Jury

MADISON CO., Ala. – A judge in Madison County, Alabama, has decided that the case of a man accused of fatally shooting a tow truck driver will be presented to a grand jury. The accused, Warren Siao, was charged with murder after the body of 38-year-old Jayson was discovered outside his residence by Madison County Deputies.

During a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Siao appeared before Judge Donald Rizzardi. Detective Joshua Mosely from Madison County testified, shedding light on the events surrounding the shooting. Mosely revealed that Siao claimed to have been in bed when his dogs alerted him to a disturbance outside. Upon investigating, Siao alleged that he witnessed two individuals attempting to steal his car, believing them to be trespassers.

As it turned out, one of the two individuals was Jayson Click, accompanied by another tow truck driver in an attempt to repossess Siao’s vehicle. According to Mosely, during an interview with investigators, Siao admitted to facing a three-month employment gap and falling behind on car payments. Mosely further testified that the two men had attempted to knock on Siao’s door twice before towing the car. However, both Siao and his wife claimed that they never heard any knocking.

The court heard that Siao confessed to firing five to six rounds at the men, intending to merely scare them off. Tragically, Click was struck and died at the scene. Siao admitted to placing a call to 911, not to report the shooting, but to request “backup.”

Based on Detective Mosley’s testimony, Judge Rizzardi determined that sufficient evidence existed to warrant the case being presented to a grand jury. Currently, Siao is out of jail on bond.

In an unfortunate incident in Madison County, Alabama, a judge has ruled that the case involving Warren Siao, charged with the murder of tow truck driver Jayson, will move forward and be considered by a grand jury. During a preliminary hearing, Detective Mosely provided insight into the night of the shooting, highlighting Siao’s belief that the two men attempting to repossess his car were thieves. Siao allegedly fired multiple rounds in an attempt to frighten them, inadvertently killing Jayson. Siao, who is currently free on bond, called 911 for assistance following the incident.