Local Personal Injury Lawyer Becomes NFL Agent, Aims to Help North Alabama Athletes Achieve Pro Football Dreams

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Alabama has a strong connection to football, with many athletes finding success in college and then pursuing careers in the NFL. However, the path to the professional league is far from easy.

For recent Troy University graduate and NFL hopeful O’Shai Fletcher, the journey to the NFL is a daily grind. A native of Huntsville and a former player at the Randolph School, Fletcher is currently focused on preparing for a pro day and the upcoming NFL draft. His first goal is to secure a contract and secure a spot on a team.

Working with a local agent is important to Fletcher. He believes that having an agent from Huntsville allows them to understand his background and see his family. That’s why he has teamed up with Tyler Mann, a well-known personal injury lawyer in Huntsville who recently became certified as an NFL agent.

Mann, who has achieved several goals in his own life, is now dedicated to helping players like Fletcher achieve theirs. He believes there is a shortage of NFL agents in the area and is looking forward to expanding his roster of athletes, particularly from North Alabama. He sees a lot of talent in the area that goes on to play in college and believes that representing those athletes can help make their professional dreams come true.

Currently, Mann represents both Fletcher and Malik Langham, and he is in talks with other potential athletes. According to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), there are only two other agents based in Huntsville, highlighting the relatively small number of agents in the area compared to the widespread popularity of college football in Alabama.

In conclusion, the path to the NFL is no walk in the park for aspiring athletes. O’Shai Fletcher and his agent Tyler Mann are working hard to navigate this challenging journey. With their dedication and determination, they hope to secure contracts for Fletcher and other talented athletes from North Alabama, turning their dreams into reality.