Anapol Weiss Welcomes Nation’s Top Attorneys to Expand Personal Injury and Mass Torts Litigation Practices

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Anapol Weiss, an award-winning personal injury law firm, has recently announced the addition of three highly regarded attorneys to their team. Richard Golomb, Kevin Fay, and Marni Berger bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the firm, further strengthening their capabilities in mass tort litigation, class actions, and insurance coverage litigation. Richard Golomb, a name partner at Golomb Legal, has over 35 years of experience representing victims of medical negligence, defective products, dangerous drugs, construction accidents, and other personal injury claims. He currently represents more than 1,200 women in a mass … Read more

Aaron Judge admits big toe injury will require ongoing care throughout his career

TAMPA, Fla. – New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge addressed concerns about his ongoing big toe problem during a press conference on Tuesday. Judge acknowledged that it will require constant maintenance throughout his career to prevent any flare-ups. Although he did not indicate that the toe is currently an issue or that he expects it to become one, Judge emphasized the importance of staying on top of his injuries to avoid any setbacks. After missing 42 games last season due to a torn ligament in his right big toe, Judge returned to the field and … Read more

Understanding the Difference: Torts vs Personal Injury Lawsuits and How They Impact Your Compensation Claim

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin – If you have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, a dangerous property, or a defective product, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages. As you navigate through the recovery process, you may find yourself questioning whether you have a tort case or a personal injury lawsuit. Differentiating between the two can provide clarity on the necessary steps you should take next. Torts and personal injury lawsuits may share some similarities, but they are distinct concepts. A tort refers to a wrongful act that infringes upon another … Read more

Landmark $22.5 Million Verdict: James River Church Found Negligent in Student’s Injury on Campus

Ozark, Missouri – A jury in Christian County has ordered James River Church to pay $22.5 million in damages following a 2019 incident that left a man injured on the church’s campus. Cooper Heishman, a student at James River College, was struck by a car while walking at night along a public access road near the church. The plaintiff argued that the church, which police confirmed owned the roadway, was negligent in failing to provide a sidewalk or adequate lighting. The lawsuit claimed that Heishman, who was 19 at the time, sustained severe and permanent … Read more