London International Awards Announces Diverse Jury Presidents for 2024 to Set Creative Benchmark

LAS VEGAS – The London International Awards (LIA) has revealed the esteemed lineup of jury presidents for their 39th annual event in 2024. From September 29th to October 7th, top industry professionals will convene in Las Vegas to lead their respective jury panels. The integrity and expertise of these jury presidents will not only set the creative standard for the year but also elevate the quality of work within the industry.

Barbara Levy, president of LIA, emphasized the importance of the jury presidents’ role. She explained, “The judging process at LIA is a serious endeavor, which is why we carefully select our jury presidents. Their diverse talents and respected reputations ensure that they can differentiate between genuine excellence and mere hype. Their collective efforts will result in a curated selection of the best work from 2024, which will undoubtedly reinvigorate and inspire the industry.”

Terry Savage, LIA chairperson, emphasized the significance of leadership within each jury. Savage stated, “Having exceptional jury presidents is crucial to the outcome of our awards. Not only are they knowledgeable about the work, but they also understand the cultural nuances associated with a global award show like LIA.”

Approximately 200 jury members from around the world will gather in Las Vegas to participate in the judging process. The judging takes place on-site at the Encore @ Wynn Hotel, ensuring that all judges are fully engaged from start to finish. This rigorous process guarantees that every piece of work is carefully evaluated in its respective category. The panels will determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, along with Finalists. The panel also has the authority to present a Grand LIA.

One notable aspect of the LIA judging process is that there is no off-site pre-judging. This means that every judge is involved in the entire process and is privy to the final results before they are made public. This level of transparency ensures that the judging process remains fair and unbiased.

The jury presidents for the 2024 event encompass a wide range of creative disciplines. From Ambient and Activation to TV and Cinema, individuals with extensive experience and expertise in each field will lead the respective jury panels. This group of talented and respected professionals will undoubtedly contribute to the success and prestige of the LIA awards.

The London International Awards is one of only five global shows included in the WARC Creativity 100 rankings. Its commitment to excellence and its ability to attract top industry professionals make it a highly anticipated event each year. For a complete list of jury members and more information about the LIA, visit their official website.