Long-Awaited Verdict Looms as Jury Deliberates in Trial of Car Crash Killer, Accused of Taking Lives of Grandmother and Two Grandkids

ATLANTA, Georgia – After nearly six years, Diontre Tigner has been taken into custody. This arrest comes as the culmination of a trial regarding a fatal car crash that claimed the lives of a grandmother and her two grandchildren in December 2018.

The jury is currently deliberating on Tigner’s guilt or innocence in this tragic incident. The trial has been closely watched by the community, as justice has long been awaited for the victims and their grieving families.

Tigner’s arrest in December 2021 brought some closure to the case, which had remained unsolved for years. The arrest came as a surprise to many, as the investigation had seemingly gone cold.

The details surrounding the car crash are still under scrutiny, and it is expected that the jury will carefully consider all the evidence presented during the trial. The prosecution has presented a case aimed at proving Tigner’s culpability in the accident, while the defense has countered with their own arguments.

Throughout the trial, emotions have run high, as family members of the victims have been in attendance, seeking justice and closure. The loss of their loved ones has left a lasting impact on their lives, and they hope that the jury’s decision will provide them with some solace.

As the deliberations continue, the community remains on edge, anxiously awaiting the jury’s verdict. The outcome of this trial will not only determine Tigner’s fate but also serve as a reflection of the justice system’s ability to hold accountable those responsible for causing devastating harm.

In the end, what remains paramount is ensuring that justice is served for the victims and their grieving families, offering them a sense of closure and the opportunity to heal from this unimaginable tragedy.