Jury Trial Begins for Semi-Truck Driver in Fatal Colorado Crash that Claimed Wyoming Family of Five Lives

Weld County, Colorado – A semi-truck driver accused of causing a fatal crash on Interstate 25 in Weld County that took the lives of a Wyoming family of five is set to face a jury trial beginning today. The tragic incident occurred nearly two years ago on June 13, 2022. Jesus Puebla is facing five counts of vehicular homicide, one for each person who tragically perished in the crash. The great-uncle of the victims, Thomas Bueno, expressed his frustration at the lengthy process. However, Bueno and his family are hopeful that progress is finally being … Read more

Arizona Agencies Face Lawsuit Over Sober Living Crisis and Medicaid Fraud, Impacting Vulnerable People’s Lives

PHOENIX – A civil lawsuit has been filed in Arizona in connection with the state’s sober living crisis and massive Medicaid fraud. The lawsuit alleges that the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and the Arizona Department of Health Services are responsible for the deaths of two individuals, Carson Leslie and Fernando Largo. The lawsuit claims that AHCCCS failed to oversee billing by behavioral health providers and that the Department of Health Services awarded licenses to providers without requiring liability insurance. The fraud scheme involved billing AHCCCS, which provides Medicaid coverage, for substance abuse … Read more

New California “Daylighting” Law Expected to Improve Intersection Safety and Save Lives

Oceanside, California – In an effort to enhance safety and prevent accidents at intersections, California will soon implement a new law known as “daylighting.” This law aims to improve visibility for both pedestrians and drivers by creating a buffer zone of 20 feet around crosswalks, prohibiting parking in these areas. The legislation is expected to save lives and reduce pedestrian collisions in the state. The necessity for this law became apparent when Oceanside resident, Lolys Leos, and her son narrowly avoided being hit by a car while crossing the street near their coastal home. Due … Read more

Heroic Act: Bystander Defends Innocent Lives, Fatally Shooting Robbery Suspect at Gas Station

HOUSTON, Texas – A grand jury in Houston is set to review the case of a bystander who fatally shot a man accused of robbing others at a gas station. The incident occurred on August 11th, 2021, when the bystander witnessed the alleged robber demanding cash from several individuals at a convenience store. In an attempt to stop the crime, the bystander drew their weapon and fired at the suspect, resulting in his death. Now, the grand jury will determine whether the bystander’s actions were justified or if charges should be filed. The decision to … Read more