Longview City Council Member and Lawyer Launches Mayoral Campaign, Bringing Fresh Perspective to the City

LONGVIEW, Texas – Longview City Council member and attorney Kristen Ishihara is launching her campaign to become the new Mayor of Longview. Ishihara, who moved to Longview in 2006 after graduating from Baylor Law School, previously served as the city council member for District 4 from 2014 to 2023.

During her time in Longview, Ishihara has been actively involved in various community organizations. She served as president of the Junior League of Longview, and was a member of the Gregg County Bar Association and East Texas CASA. She also co-founded the East Texas Alzheimer’s Alliance, Longview Wine Festival, Blue Jeans & Ball Gowns, Longview Foundation, Longview Dog Park, Longview PAWS, and the Greater Longview Estate Planning Council.

In addition to her community involvement, Ishihara and her family are active members of Motion Church in Longview. As the current mayor, Andy Mack, prepares to conclude his third and final term, Ishihara’s campaign is set to kick off on January 12 at the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Ishihara’s campaign launch event will take place at 10 a.m. at the center, located at 303 HG Mosley Pkwy. Mack, who announced his decision not to seek re-election in 2020, will pass the baton to Ishihara as she seeks to serve as the new Mayor of Longview.

As Longview prepares for a mayoral transition, Ishihara brings her experience as a city council member and attorney to the table. Her involvement in various community organizations has demonstrated her dedication to serving the residents of Longview. The upcoming campaign will provide Ishihara with the opportunity to further connect with the community and share her vision for the future of the city.

Overall, Ishihara’s campaign for the mayoral position in Longview offers a new perspective and represents a potential change in leadership for the city. As the election process unfolds, the residents of Longview will have the opportunity to evaluate Ishihara’s qualifications, experience, and goals for the city. The outcome of the election will determine who will lead Longview into the future.