Portland City Council Settles Lawsuit Over Withheld Text Messages with $167,000 Payment

Portland, Oregon – The Portland City Council has agreed to pay almost $167,000 to settle a lawsuit that accused the city and Mayor Ted Wheeler of withholding a large number of text messages from a public records request. The lawsuit followed an investigation that found Wheeler and other city officials regularly violated city policy by using iMessage on their city-issued iPhones. The city’s public records software at the time was unable to access iMessages. The state public records law mandates that government officials preserve all written communication, including text messages and emails, and provide them … Read more

New York City Council Members Push for Reforms on Squatter Laws Amidst High-Profile Incidents

BROOKLYN, New York — New York City council members from both sides of the political spectrum are calling for changes to be made regarding the laws surrounding squatters. This comes in response to a string of high-profile incidents, including a recent fire in Dyker Heights. The issue of squatters in the city has become a pressing concern for lawmakers. Council members are now pushing for amendments to the existing laws that deal with squatting, as they believe the current regulations are inadequate and need to be strengthened. Proponents of the proposed changes argue that the … Read more

Los Angeles City Council Approves Historic $24 Million Settlement in Fatal LAPD Shooting Case

Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a settlement of over $24 million on Tuesday for the mother of Jesse Murillo, who was fatally shot by two police officers in 2017. The council voted 11-0 in favor of awarding $24,450,750 to Tammy Murillo, with four council members absent during the vote. In a significant case involving an LAPD shooting, a federal jury had previously ruled in 2023 that Tammy Murillo should receive $23.8 million in compensation for her son’s death. The jury determined that officers Fred Sigman and Christopher Montague had … Read more

Chula Vista City Council Weighs Pros and Cons of Controversial Housing Law, SB 10

Chula Vista, California – The Chula Vista City Council is set to deliberate on the potential implementation of Senate Bill 10, a controversial state law that permits up to 10 housing units on a single property in transit-rich areas. This Tuesday, the council will weigh the pros and cons of adopting certain provisions of the legislation, ensuring careful consideration of the potential drawbacks. Over the course of the past eight months, city officials have diligently reviewed whether the city could embrace aspects of the law without facing adverse consequences. While SB 10, which took effect … Read more