Marion County Grand Jury Unanimously Clears Officers in Fatal Salem Shooting Incident

SALEM, Ore. – A Marion County Grand Jury unanimously found three law enforcement officials justified in their use of deadly force during a shooting incident in Salem last November, according to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office. The incident resulted in the death of 32-year-old Justin Lee Jordan.

The grand jury reviewed video evidence and testimony, concluding that Jordan had failed to comply with verbal and visual warnings from officers. Jordan had been waving guns, pointing them at people, and firing shots at a bystander. The investigation revealed that Jordan fired his gun four times and pointed his firearms at area residents five separate times, as well as law enforcement at least four separate times.

Although Jordan fired shots at a passerby’s car, no pedestrians, bystanders, or police officers were injured in the incident. Prior to the confrontation, witnesses observed Jordan exhibiting concerning behavior, including slamming his body and head against his front door and simulating self-harm gestures.

Law enforcement repeatedly commanded Jordan to drop his weapons, but he refused, instead yelling “kill me!” and pointing his guns at the officers. Three law enforcement officials – Salem Police Officer John Parmer, Oregon State Police Trooper Andrew Tuttle, and Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Mott – discharged their weapons in response, striking Jordan three times.

The Marion County District Attorney’s Office notified Jordan’s family of the grand jury’s decision and offered condolences. District Attorney Paige Clarkson commended the bravery of the officers and expressed sympathy for the family.

The evidence presented to the grand jury included footage from a Ring camera, photographs of Jordan’s gun, surveillance videos, and body camera footage from the involved law enforcement officials. The incident, which began at Jordan’s residence on Arabian Avenue SE in Salem, spanned a “geographically large” area.

In conclusion, the grand jury found that the law enforcement officials acted appropriately in response to Jordan’s threatening behavior, which included pointing firearms at individuals and law enforcement officers. The outcome of the incident was tragic, and condolences were extended to Jordan’s family and loved ones.