Overpumping in Tulare County Threatens Newly Rebuilt Canal, Lawsuit Reveals

Farmers in Tulare County, California are facing criticism for their excessive groundwater pumping, which is endangering a newly constructed section of the Friant-Kern Canal. The canal had to be rebuilt due to overpumping, which caused a 33-mile segment to sink. A lawsuit filed on February 16 claims that the farmers are being allowed to pump so much groundwater that it is causing further damage to the canal. The Friant Water Authority and the Arvin-Edison Water Storage District filed the lawsuit against the Eastern Tule Groundwater Sustainability Agency, which is responsible for reducing groundwater pumping under … Read more

Former President’s Lawyer Raises Doubts About Star Witness in Fulton County Prosecution Case

Atlanta, Georgia – A hearing regarding the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took an unexpected turn as a lawyer for Trump questioned the credibility of a star witness who alleged an affair between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Terrence Bradley, a former law partner and divorce attorney to Wade, was labeled a “star witness” by Presiding Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee in the bid to dismiss Willis’s office from the racketeering case against Trump and other co-defendants. During the hearing, Steve Sadow, Trump’s lawyer, highlighted Bradley’s … Read more

Kent County Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Kristina Karamo, Halting her Role as Michigan Republican Party Chair

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A judge in Kent County has issued a preliminary injunction against Kristina Karamo, preventing her from claiming the position of chair of the Michigan Republican Party or accessing any party bank accounts or postal boxes. This ruling is a significant win for those opposing Karamo within the Michigan GOP and for Pete Hoekstra, the former ambassador and congressman who replaced Karamo after a breakoff section of the party’s state committee voted to remove her. The judge’s decision aims to bring clarity and eliminate the uncertainty caused by two individuals claiming to … Read more

Wicomico County Jury Awards $3.38 Million in Landmark Medical Malpractice Verdict

SALISBURY, Md. – A Wicomico County jury recently reached a groundbreaking decision in a medical malpractice case. The jury ordered Dr. Peter Libby and Peninsula Radiology Associates, PA to pay $3.38 million to Mary and Tim Raver, a couple from Selbyville. The verdict came as a result of Dr. Libby’s failure to accurately interpret and identify abnormalities on Mary’s CT scan, leading to the progression of her cancer from Stage I to terminal Stage IV. This recent ruling marks the largest medical malpractice verdict ever recorded in Wicomico County’s history. The jury awarded $1.2 million … Read more