Mother on Trial for Alleged Murder of 6-Year-Old Son Found Dead 20 Years Ago

Atlanta, Georgia – Teresa Black, a woman accused of giving her son a toxic dose of medication and disposing of his body, is currently on trial for multiple charges, including murder. Prosecutors allege that Black not only administered a lethal combination of Tylenol and Benadryl to her son, but also struck him in the head before abandoning his remains in a wooded area. The trial has been marked by emotional testimony and arguments from both sides.

During the trial, Black’s defense attorney, Bozarth, pleaded with the jurors to separate their feelings towards his client from the charges she faces. He emphasized that Black is not on trial for being disliked or for any lies she may have told. Instead, he urged the jurors to focus on the evidence presented regarding her son’s death.

Prosecutor Tyshawn Jackson, on the other hand, painted a damning picture of Black, describing her as the one person who failed her son when he needed her most. Jackson asserted that instead of providing the love and care he deserved, Black discarded him as if he were garbage.

The case dates back to 1999 when William’s skeletal remains were discovered, showing signs of a fractured skull. The medical examiner determined that he had ingested acetaminophen and diphenhydramine, the active ingredients in Tylenol and Benadryl, respectively. However, it was not until 2020 that William’s identity was revealed when a former friend of Black’s recognized his image in an artistic rendering of an unidentified child.

Black was indicted in 2022 and is now facing charges of felony murder, cruelty to children, aggravated assault, and concealing the death of another. Her defense attorney argued that there is no evidence proving that Black caused her son’s death. Bozarth maintained that she gave him over-the-counter medication because he was sick and found him dead when she woke up. Fearing blame, Black left his body in the woods.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution attempted to highlight Black’s character flaws to support their case. They argued that she took William away from a supportive environment in Charlotte and that her occupation as a stripper made it difficult for her to care for him. The defense countered by asserting that the fractured skull could be attributed to scavenging animals, suggesting that predators had separated his skull from the rest of his remains.

Relatives of William, including his father, testified against Black, expressing their love for the young boy and describing the anguish they felt upon learning of his death. Hamilton, the father, revealed that he had been barred from having contact with William by Black.

As the trial concluded, Black made the decision not to testify. Instead, the jury watched footage of her initial interview with investigators in 2022, where she denied having a son and spending time in Atlanta. The defense argued that Black’s lies do not prove her guilt and implored the jurors not to make the leap that she is a cold-blooded murderer.

In summary, Teresa Black is currently on trial in Atlanta, Georgia, facing charges related to the death of her son over two decades ago. The prosecution alleges that she administered a lethal dose of medication to him and disposed of his body. However, the defense maintains that there is no evidence linking Black to her son’s death. The jury will now deliberate and determine the verdict in this emotionally charged case.