Nevada Jury Awards $130 Million to Victims of Toxic Real Water: Liver Damage Caused by Rocket Fuel Chemical

Las Vegas, Nevada – A Nevada jury has recently awarded approximately $130 million in damages to patients who suffered severe liver damage after consuming a popular bottled water contaminated with toxic substances. The water, known as Real Water, was marketed as a premium ‘alkalized’ product with supposed detoxifying properties. However, five individuals experienced excruciating pain and loss of limb control after drinking the water, which was found to contain hydrazine, a highly flammable and cancer-causing chemical used in rocket fuel.

One of the affected individuals, Myles Hunwardsen, underwent a liver transplant at the age of 29. Jazmin Schaffer, Tina Hartshorn, Miriam Brody, and Christina Sosa all suffered liver failure. The company responsible for Real Water, Las Vegas-based Inc., admitted negligence, stating that the chemical likely contaminated the water during the manufacturing process.

The jury ruling marks the second significant financial award in negligence and product liability cases involving Real Water. In a separate trial, plaintiffs were awarded over $228 million in damages. Inc. and its Real Water brand have been sued for negligence and product liability by numerous individuals, including cases involving children with liver damage. More cases against the company are still pending.

Real Water marketed its product as a premium alkaline water with detoxifying properties. The water supposedly underwent a seven-stage purification process, including a resin bed, charcoal filter, and UV light sanitizing unit. However, it is believed that hydrazine, a chemical used in rocket fuel, may have been added to the water during the treatment and bottling process.

The affected individuals experienced various symptoms, including abdominal pain, severe nausea, brain fog, extreme fatigue, and loss of control over bodily functions. Some had to undergo invasive medical procedures, such as liver biopsies, in excruciating pain. The plaintiffs hold that the company’s negligence led to their debilitating health conditions.

During the trial, it was revealed that other companies, including Whole Foods Market and Costco Wholesale, which sold Real Water, settled their cases out of court. Real Water attorney Joel Odou argued that the company was unintentionally negligent and unaware of the chemical’s presence in the water.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Clark County Health District issued public warnings in 2021, advising against the consumption of Real Water and ordering its removal from store shelves. The Southern Nevada Water Authority, responsible for the region’s public water supply, noted that it was not implicated in the lawsuits and emphasized that its water meets or exceeds federal safety standards.

The recent jury ruling sends a message to food and beverage manufacturers regarding the importance of quality assurance. The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Will Kemp, stated that additional cases against Inc. are forthcoming.

Drinking alkaline water, while often promoted for its perceived health benefits, remains a controversial topic. Some claim it can reverse aging and prevent diseases like cancer, although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Healthcare professionals generally recommend drinking regular water for hydration purposes.

The victims of Real Water’s contaminated product hope that their legal victory will raise awareness about the need for responsible manufacturing practices and proper product testing. The awarded damages aim to compensate for the physical and financial burdens they have endured as a result of drinking the tainted water.