New Lawyer Joins City’s Legal Team Ahead of Name-Clearing Hearing Reconsideration

Jonesboro, Arkansas is preparing to argue for a reconsideration of the name-clearing hearing for Rachel Anderson, with the addition of a new lawyer to the city’s legal team. On February 14, two court filings were made in the case. The first filing confirmed that a “first-out setting” would take place at 10 AM on March 1 at the Craighead County Circuit Court, allowing parties ten days to object to the scheduling.

The purpose of the meeting is to address the city’s motion to reconsider, filed on February 12, which seeks to reverse the decision granting a preliminary injunction for a name-clearing hearing to Anderson. On the same day, a separate court filing revealed that a new attorney, Annie Depper of Fuqua Campbell, P.A. in Little Rock, had joined the legal team representing the city, mayor, and police chief.

Depper, who is from El Dorado, Arkansas, completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and earned her law degree from the University of Texas. She has gained valuable experience working as a clerk for Chief Judge Brian S. Miller of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas and Judge Mary Spencer McGowan of the Pulaski County Circuit Court. Depper specializes in general civil and commercial litigation, civil rights defense litigation, and criminal defense.

The case has been ordered into mediation by the judge, and the parties have agreed to enlist Richard Ramsay in Little Rock as the mediator. The mediation is scheduled for 9 AM on March 28.

This new development marks an important step in the ongoing legal proceedings regarding Rachel Anderson’s name-clearing hearing. The addition of Annie Depper to the city’s legal team brings additional expertise and resources to the case. The upcoming “first-out setting” and the subsequent mediation provide opportunities for both sides to present their arguments and potentially reach a resolution in a fair and impartial manner.

The outcome of the motion to reconsider will have significant implications for Anderson and the City of Jonesboro. It remains to be seen how the court will rule and whether the name-clearing hearing will proceed as initially granted.

As the situation unfolds, it is essential for all parties involved to adhere to the legal processes and procedures. The city’s decision to bring in a new attorney demonstrates their commitment to ensuring thorough and effective representation in this case.

The mediation scheduled for March 28 offers an alternative route for negotiations and potential resolution. Mediation provides an opportunity for the parties to address their concerns, share their perspectives, and work towards a mutually agreeable outcome.

Regardless of the final decision, this legal battle highlights the importance of protecting individuals’ reputations and addressing accusations in a fair and transparent manner. The outcome of the name-clearing hearing will have implications not only for Anderson but also for the city and its officials. It is a case that will continue to garner attention as it unfolds in the coming weeks.