Former Death Row Inmate Granted Life in Resentencing Hearing after 27 Years: Shocking Twist in Notorious Liberty City Case

MIAMI (AP) — In a stunning turn of events, Tavares Calloway, the convicted killer who was sentenced to death in 2010 for a heinous crime, has been given a chance at life. After a resentencing hearing on Thursday night, a jury recommended Calloway be sentenced to life in prison instead. The decision came 14 years after he was released from death row. The brutal crime took place in 1997 in a Liberty City apartment, where Calloway stormed in and subjected five men to a horrifying ordeal. He tied them up, taped their mouths shut, and … Read more

Embattled Shelby County Judge Melissa Boyd Resigns Amidst Controversy and Removal Hearing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Melissa Boyd, who has faced numerous controversies during her time on the bench, has submitted a resignation letter, indicating her desire to step down from her position immediately. This news comes just a day after it was reported that Boyd sought to retire at the end of May. The long-awaited removal hearing before the Tennessee General Assembly, scheduled for Thursday, will likely be canceled now that Boyd has chosen to resign. According to Boyd’s attorney, Brain Faughnan, the judge has expressed her willingness to move up the … Read more

Prominent Pro-Trump Lawyer’s Arrest Shakes Dominion Court Hearing, Unveiling Shocking Aftermath

Atlanta, Georgia – A pro-Trump lawyer was taken into custody on Thursday following a court hearing related to the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. The arrest comes amidst ongoing legal battles surrounding the 2020 presidential election. The attorney, who has gained attention for his vocal support of former President Donald Trump, was apprehended by law enforcement authorities in Atlanta following the hearing. The specific charges against him were not immediately disclosed. The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit has been at the center of numerous legal disputes since the election, with the company alleging defamation by those spreading … Read more

Appeals Court Vacates $1 Billion Jury Award in Copyright Infringement Case, Orders New Damages Hearing for Internet Service Provider

Richmond, Virginia – The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a $1 billion jury award in a copyright infringement case against Cox Communications Inc., an internet service provider. However, the court affirmed Cox’s liability for repeated copyright infringement on its network. The decision came after the court found insufficient evidence to establish vicarious liability, which requires a causal link between the defendant’s financial interest and the copyright infringement. The case, Sony Music Entertainment v. Cox Communications Inc., was remanded for a damages hearing as the jury award did not specify the amount between … Read more