New York City Mayor Sues Bus Companies Over Costs of Housing Migrants: Is Immigration Really Free?

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is taking action to address the challenges posed by mass immigration, particularly the costs associated with accommodating migrants. Adams has issued an executive order that restricts charter buses carrying migrants from entering the city at certain times. He is also suing 17 bus companies, seeking $700 million in damages for the expenses incurred by New York City in accommodating migrants. This move challenges the notion that immigration comes at no cost.

The mayor’s lawsuit specifically targets bus companies participating in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star,” which Adams accuses of shifting the burden of care costs to New York City. However, it is important to note that Abbott’s operation is not exclusive to the Big Apple. He has sent migrants to various cities, including Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Importantly, Abbott is not coercing migrants to go anywhere; he is simply providing transportation for those who wish to go to particular destinations.

Governor Abbott has defended his actions, asserting that every migrant bused or flown to New York City has done so voluntarily and with authorization from the Biden administration to remain in the United States. The crux of the issue lies in President Joe Biden’s policy of releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country every month. Until this approach changes, New York City and other cities will continue to grapple with the challenges associated with accommodating this influx of migrants.

While Abbott’s decision to fund bus journeys may be seen as a proactive measure, it has made him a scapegoat for Democratic mayors. However, even without Operation Lone Star, New York City would still face overwhelming numbers of migrants. Since the spring of 2022 alone, the city has received over 165,000 migrants, with Abbott’s 33,600 accounting for only a fraction of the total.

Mayor Adams’s executive order may not entirely solve the issue, as bus companies are now dropping migrants in New Jersey, where state transit police assist them in boarding trains to New York City. Curiously, New York City Democrats are not pointing fingers at these bus companies.

New York State Assemblywoman Jaime Williams has praised the governor of New Jersey for taking action to protect the state’s residents. She emphasizes that the current situation is akin to a “free-for-all” and calls on the Biden administration to do better.

If President Biden does not alter his course soon, the challenges posed by mass immigration may result in the United States resembling a third-world country. The Biden administration must address this issue to prevent further strain on cities like New York. It is evident that the costs associated with immigration cannot be ignored, and solutions are needed to ensure a fair and sustainable approach to immigration.