Dolton Trustee Andrew Holmes Faces Accusations of Sexual Assault: Mayor Accused of Cover-Up

DOLTON, Illinois – Dolton Trustee and renowned Chicago activist Andrew Holmes is facing allegations of sexual assault. A former employee of Dolton, along with a Dolton police officer, filed a lawsuit accusing Holmes of the assault, and claiming that Mayor Tiffany Henyard attempted to cover it up for her own protection. Both Holmes and Henyard are named as defendants in the suit. The Las Vegas Police Department has confirmed that they are currently carrying out an ongoing investigation into Holmes. According to the lawsuit, Mayor Henyard and over a dozen others attended a conference in … Read more

Sanctuary City Policies Blamed for Tragic Murder of Georgia Nursing Student, Critics Hold Former Mayor and City Council Accountable

ATHENS, Georgia – Critics are blaming sanctuary city policies in New York City for the tragic murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Advocates claim that former Mayor Bill de Blasio and left-wing members of the City Council have “blood on their hands” for pushing these policies. Riley, 22, was found dead on the University of Georgia‚Äôs campus on February 22. Her alleged killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, had been arrested in Queens six months prior and charged with endangering a child. However, due to the migrant-friendly changes made to the sanctuary city policy, the … Read more

NYC Mayor Calls for Deportation of Migrants Who Commit Serious Crimes, Sparks Debate on Sanctuary City Status

New York City, NY – In the wake of highly publicized crimes allegedly committed by migrants, Mayor Eric Adams has shown support for modifying the laws that establish New York as a sanctuary city. Adams stated that migrants who commit serious crimes should be deported, and the city should be able to cooperate with federal ICE agents. During a news conference, the mayor emphasized the need to address repeated criminal behavior and the inability to collaborate with ICE. Just yesterday, Mayor Adams expressed his belief that the sanctuary city law needs to be altered. He … Read more

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Calls for Modification of Sanctuary City Law to Deport Violent Criminal Migrants

NEW YORK CITY – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling for modifications to the city’s sanctuary city law, suggesting that migrants who commit violent crimes should be eligible for deportation. Adams made these comments in response to growing criticism of migration into the city from both lawmakers and law enforcement. He has previously urged the Biden administration and Congress for additional aid to help migrants obtain work visas and secure housing support. According to Adams, the majority of migrants in the city are looking for employment opportunities, and he finds it perplexing that … Read more