Oregon Student Continues Family Legacy as Junior Election Judge, Eager to Shape Future Elections

OREGON, Ill. – In Ogle County, Illinois, the tradition of overseeing elections has been passed down through generations, and now a student is set to continue this legacy as a junior election judge. Sarah Branam will be taking on this role for the first time, with guidance from her mother, Annette. Surprisingly, Sarah finds the experience far from boring, as she has a genuine curiosity about the inner workings of elections and the processes involved.

As Sarah prepares to embrace her role as a junior election judge, she is also eagerly anticipating her first opportunity to cast her own vote in an election. With the Illinois primary scheduled for March 19, Sarah admits she is unsure of what to expect. However, she remains optimistic, believing that the outcome will be positive as long as people choose wisely and vote for what they believe is best for their state.

It is worth noting that only around 300 people have registered to be election judges in Ogle County this year, according to the Ogle County Clerk’s Office. Annette points out the shortage of judges during the last voting period and expresses her willingness to assist in other precincts if needed. This shortage highlights the importance of election judges in ensuring smooth and efficient elections, especially considering the numerous precincts in Ogle County.

Laura Cook, the Ogle County Clerk, stresses the significance of having election judges present, as they are the frontline workers responsible for ensuring that voters can exercise their rights. With over 50 precincts in Ogle County, their role cannot be underestimated. Cook also encourages voters to make use of the vote-by-mail option if they anticipate being out of town during the elections, as this method has become increasingly popular in the county.

In conclusion, Sarah Branam is poised to carry on her family’s tradition by becoming a junior election judge in Ogle County, Illinois. As she prepares for her first election, she recognizes the importance of the role and remains hopeful for positive outcomes based on the decisions made by the voters. However, it is essential to address the shortage of election judges, as highlighted by Annette. The Ogle County Clerk, Laura Cook, emphasizes the vital role that election judges play in ensuring smooth elections, urging voters to also consider the convenient vote-by-mail option. With this in mind, Ogle County can look forward to an efficient and inclusive election process.