Portuguese Fund Vallis Capital Partners Acquires Leading Document Management Firm Docout from EMC-B

MADRID, SPAIN – The EMC-B fund, managed by consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal, has announced the sale of technology consulting firm Docout to Portuguese fund Vallis Capital Partners. Docout is a leading company in the document management and business process outsourcing sector, with an annual turnover of approximately 20 million euros.

Vallis Capital Partners, founded in 2010, is a venture capital fund based in Portugal with assets exceeding 200 million euros. The acquisition of Docout allows Vallis Capital Partners to expand its portfolio and strengthen its presence in the technology consulting industry.

The deal was facilitated by Pérez-Llorca, a prominent law firm that provided advisory services to the EMC-B fund. The legal team involved in the transaction consisted of Julio Parrilla and José Ramón Vizcaíno, partners at Pérez-Llorca, as well as Nuria García, Enrique Delgado, and Gabriela Ruíz-Gallardón, all lawyers.

The sale of Docout marks a significant milestone for both EMC-B and Vallis Capital Partners. This strategic move allows EMC-B to divest its assets in the technology consulting sector while generating returns on its investment. On the other hand, Vallis Capital Partners gains a valuable asset in Docout, enabling the fund to expand its reach and strengthen its position in the market.

The technology consulting industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, fueled by advancements in digital technologies and increasing demand for efficient business processes. Docout’s expertise and services position it as a key player in this competitive sector.

With this acquisition, Vallis Capital Partners aims to leverage Docout’s extensive experience and client base to drive further growth and establish itself as a leading force in the technology consulting industry. By combining their resources and expertise, Vallis Capital Partners and Docout can capitalize on emerging market opportunities and deliver innovative solutions to their clients.

In summary, the EMC-B fund, managed by Alvarez & Marsal, has sold technology consulting firm Docout to Vallis Capital Partners. This acquisition allows Vallis Capital Partners to enhance its presence in the technology consulting industry, while enabling EMC-B to divest its assets and generate returns on its investment. With the expertise and resources of both parties, this strategic move positions them for future growth and success in the rapidly expanding tech consulting market.