Legal Tech Giant Partners with Vanderbilt Law School to Pioneer AI Solutions in the Legal Industry

Atlanta, Georgia – A leading legal tech company, Aderant, and Vanderbilt Law School have announced a new collaboration aimed at promoting a greater understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of law. Both organizations prioritize AI, with Aderant having introduced AI tools like MADDI to enhance law business management and Vanderbilt Law School founding the Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL) to explore the intersection of AI and legal services. The collaboration between Aderant and Vanderbilt Law School began with a presentation by Aderant CTO Andy Hoyt to Vanderbilt Law School students associated with VAILL. … Read more

Steptoe LLP Loses Three Partners as Venable LLP Gains Ground in Product Liability and Mass Torts Practice

Chicago and Los Angeles have witnessed a significant departure of three partners in the fields of product liability and mass torts from the renowned law firm Steptoe LLP. These partners have now found a new professional home at Venable LLP, marking a significant transition in the legal landscape. The announcement regarding this move was made on Tuesday, and it has garnered considerable attention within the legal community. This development underscores the competitive nature of the legal industry, where high-profile attorneys constantly seek new opportunities to expand their practice and make a greater impact. By joining … Read more

Rainmaking Partners Embrace Forgivable Loans as Key Retention Tool Amidst Lateral Market Competition

New York City, NY – In today’s competitive legal market, law firms are resorting to forgivable loans as a retention strategy for their rainmaking partners. The use of such loans has gained prominence as firms aim to keep their top talent amidst the constant barrage of tempting offers from higher-paying competitors. Shearman & Sterling, a prominent global law firm, recently employed forgivable loans as a tool for partner retention during its negotiations with Allen & Overy. The firm utilized these loans to incentivize partners in key practice areas to remain with the firm, as per … Read more

Fragomen Australia Partner’s Unexpected Journey: From Doctor Aspirations to Immigration Law Success

Melbourne, Australia – Charles Johanes, a newly appointed partner at Fragomen Australia, recently shared his career journey and insights into the digital transformation in the immigration field. Amidst his successes, Johanes revealed that his childhood dream had always been to become a doctor. Johanes, who has extensive experience in immigration law, discussed how his passion for helping others led him to pursue a career in this field instead of medicine. He expressed his belief in the importance of immigration law in shaping societies and supporting individuals in their pursuit of a better life. Discussing the … Read more