Repeat Offender Who Attacked Judge Returns for Sentencing: What’s Next for Deobra Redden?

LAS VEGAS (TND) — A man who launched himself over a judge’s bench and attacked the judge in Las Vegas will face the same judge on Monday. Deobra Redden is expected to appear before Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Redden is facing prison time for a felony battery charge stemming from a baseball bat attack in 2023. He had tried to convince the judge to show him leniency, claiming he was turning his life around. However, when it became clear that he would be sentenced to prison, Redden lunged at the judge.

Video footage captured the shocking incident, showing Redden vaulting over a defense table and lunging at the judge, landing on top of her. The judge fell back against a wall, with an American flag toppling over them. The defendant grabbed the judge’s hair but was quickly pulled off by her clerk, Michael Lasso, and other court and jail officers.

Redden’s defense attorney declined to comment on the incident. He has been jailed on $54,000 bail for the attack. Despite being required to return to court the next day, he refused, resulting in his next court appearance being rescheduled for Tuesday. Records show that Redden is facing charges including extortion, coercion with force, and battery on a protected person.

During Monday’s appearance, Judge Holthus is expected to continue sentencing Redden in his other case related to the baseball bat attack. Redden had initially been charged with assault but reached a plea deal in November. District Attorney Steve Wolfson described Redden’s criminal record as marked by mostly violent offenses, with previous convictions for three felonies and nine misdemeanors.

The judge and the marshal who came to her aid sustained injuries during the attack. Judge Holthus credits clerk Michael Lasso for acting quickly and preventing the judge from sustaining more severe injuries.

In conclusion, Deobra Redden will face the same judge who he attacked during his sentencing hearing. He is facing charges related to a felony battery case and must appear before the judge on Monday. The shocking incident, captured on video, showed Redden leaping over the judge’s bench and attacking her. The judge was eventually rescued by her clerk and court officers. Redden’s criminal record includes previous convictions for violent offenses.