Bronx Nurse Blames Weak Crime Laws for Attack by Repeat Offender, Sparks Concern for Healthcare Workers

Bronx Nurse Blames “Soft-on-Crime” Laws for Assault A nurse in the Bronx has spoken out about her alleged assault by an undocumented immigrant with a history of targeting female medical workers, blaming New York City’s “soft-on-crime” laws for her attack. Chelsea Mora, a nurse at Jacobi Medical Center, recounted her experience of being struck by Edward Johnson while trying to take his vitals on January 13. Johnson, who is believed to have entered the US illegally over a decade ago, has been arrested 23 times and has allegedly attacked hospital workers in multiple incidents since … Read more

Repeat Offender Who Attacked Judge Returns for Sentencing: What’s Next for Deobra Redden?

LAS VEGAS (TND) — A man who launched himself over a judge’s bench and attacked the judge in Las Vegas will face the same judge on Monday. Deobra Redden is expected to appear before Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Redden is facing prison time for a felony battery charge stemming from a baseball bat attack in 2023. He had tried to convince the judge to show him leniency, claiming he was turning his life around. However, when it became clear that he would be sentenced to prison, Redden lunged at the judge. … Read more

Shocking Video Reveals Repeat Probation for Man Who Assaulted Las Vegas Judge, Including One by the Same Judge

Las Vegas, Nevada – A man who was captured on video attacking a judge in Las Vegas has been granted probation multiple times, including once by the same judge. The incident, which has sparked outrage and raised questions about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, occurred in a courtroom and was caught on camera. The video shows the defendant, whose identity has not been disclosed, physically assaulting the judge after a hearing. The judge, visibly shaken and injured, was quickly assisted by court personnel. This shocking incident has reignited discussions about courtroom security and … Read more