Restaurant Worker Sues Atmos Energy and Hotel Management After Reporting Gas Smell Before Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

FORT WORTH, Texas – A restaurant worker who claims to have reported a gas odor prior to the Fort Worth hotel explosion is taking legal action against Atmos Energy, the restaurant, and the companies that manage the Sandman Signature Hotel. The worker, Jose Mira, alleges that he notified hotel management about the smell of gas, which was causing him discomfort, 90 minutes before the explosion occurred. In response to the lawsuit, a Dallas County judge has granted a restraining order to halt further debris cleanup. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence for failing to provide a safe environment for employees. Mira suffered a head injury and breathing difficulties as a result of the explosion.

The explosion, which took place on Monday, injured 21 people and caused extensive damage to the hotel and surrounding areas. One individual remains in critical condition at Parkland Health’s burn center in Dallas. Investigators believe the explosion was caused by a gas leak, although no criminal activity or terrorism is suspected. The Waggoner building, where the hotel is situated, was built in the 1920s and remains an iconic structure in downtown Fort Worth.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Atmos Energy and hotel management in relation to the explosion. The first lawsuit was filed earlier this week by Christopher Medearis, who narrowly escaped the blast. Atmos Energy stated that its own investigation found no evidence of its equipment or gas lines being involved.

Attorneys representing Mira are seeking at least $1 million in damages. They plan to involve an expert to determine the cause and origin of the explosion. In a statement, Mira’s attorney expressed the intention to uncover the truth and ensure justice for all those affected.

As the legal proceedings continue, Northland Properties, the owner of Sandman Signature Hotel, expressed its focus on supporting those impacted by the explosion and maintaining the safety of its employees, guests, and the Fort Worth community.

In summary, a restaurant worker is suing Atmos Energy, the Sandman Signature Hotel, and related companies following a gas explosion in a Fort Worth hotel. The worker claims to have reported the gas odor prior to the explosion. The incident injured 21 people, with one remaining in critical condition. Two lawsuits have been filed against Atmos Energy and hotel management. Investigations into the cause of the explosion are ongoing.