Berkeley Reaches Settlement, Putting an End to Natural Gas Ban in New Buildings

Berkeley, California – The city of Berkeley has settled a lawsuit and agreed to put an end to its ban on natural gas in new buildings. The ban, which would have required all new construction projects to use electric power instead of natural gas, has faced opposition and legal challenges since it was initially implemented in 2019. The settlement comes after the city faced legal pressure from a group of restaurant owners and the California Restaurant Association. Under the terms of the settlement, Berkeley will rescind the ban on natural gas and will instead focus … Read more

Gary Man Faces Decades Behind Bars for Fatal Shooting at 5th Avenue Gas Station

GARY, Ind. – A Gary man was found guilty on Wednesday for a fatal shooting at a gas station on 5th Avenue. Aaron Sawyer, 26, now faces a sentence of 45 to 65 years for the murder. Additionally, he is looking at another seven years for a firearms enhancement, according to his attorney, John Cantrell. The exact date for his sentencing has yet to be determined. Sawyer, identified as the gunman, was charged in connection with the shooting death of Dorell Townsend, 22, who was also from Gary, on May 31, 2020. Terry Horton, Sawyer’s … Read more

Iowa’s Quirky Alcohol Laws: From Gas Station Beer to Sunday Sales, Here’s What You Need to Know

Des Moines, Iowa – Navigating the laws surrounding alcohol can be a challenge, with each state having its own regulations for buying, transporting, and consuming alcoholic beverages. In the state of Iowa, there are several specific laws that dictate how residents can purchase and enjoy their favorite drinks. One common question is whether beer can be bought at gas stations in Iowa. The answer is yes – convenience stores such as Casey’s or Kum & Go are allowed to sell beer, making it easy for locals to pick up a case of their preferred brand, … Read more

Chicago Takes Legal Action Against Oil & Gas Giants, Accusing Them of Deceiving Consumers on Climate Crisis

Chicago, Illinois – The city of Chicago is taking a stand against major oil and gas companies by filing a new climate fraud lawsuit. Utilizing local laws, Chicago alleges that these energy giants, including BP, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron, deceived consumers for years regarding the impact of their products on climate change. This lawsuit adds Chicago to the growing list of plaintiffs demanding accountability from the oil industry. The evidence presented in the lawsuit demonstrates a deliberate and intentional effort by the defendants to mislead Chicago residents about the dangers associated with their oil and … Read more