Reviving the Biddeford Police Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Seeking Justice for Murdered Maine Couple

Biddeford, Maine – The Biddeford Police Department is facing the possibility of a revived wrongful death lawsuit related to a high-profile murder case, according to reports. The lawsuit centers around the deaths of Derrick Thompson and Alivia Welch, who were murdered by their landlord, James Pak, in 2012. In 2020, a judge ruled in favor of the police department, stating that they were not liable for the deaths. However, a federal appeals court is now revisiting the case.

Thompson and Welch’s tragic deaths occurred after an altercation with Pak over snow removal and parking issues. Thompson had called the police, reporting that Pak had threatened him with a gun. The lawsuit alleges that an officer confronted Pak but left the scene, and minutes later, Pak began shooting. The lawsuit argues that the police should have taken stronger action to prevent the tragedy.

While Pak was ultimately convicted and is serving a life sentence for the murders, the lawsuit questions the level of responsibility held by the Biddeford Police Department in the incident. The judge who previously dismissed the case cited a lack of evidence for the decision.

Now, the appeals court is considering whether to revive the lawsuit and potentially hold the police department accountable for the deaths. The court has not provided a timeline for when a decision is expected.

This case brings attention to the complex legal questions surrounding police liability in cases of violence committed by third parties. It also highlights the ongoing debate regarding police procedures and the duty to protect individuals in dangerous situations.

The outcome of this lawsuit could have implications for police departments across the country, as it addresses issues of duty of care and potential negligence. As the appeals court evaluates the case, it will be crucial to assess the evidence presented and determine the extent of the police department’s responsibility in this tragic event.

Regardless of the court’s decision, this case highlights the need for continued discussion and examination of police protocols and procedures in order to best serve and protect the public. The families of Derrick Thompson and Alivia Welch seek justice and accountability, and hopefully, this legal process will provide them with the answers and resolution they deserve.