Rudy Giuliani Hit with Staggering $148 Million Verdict in Defamation Trial: Justice Served for Georgia Election Workers

New York, NY – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s defamation trial took an unexpected turn as the jury awarded more than $148 million in damages to former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss. The plaintiffs, who were called as witnesses during the trial, were defamed by Giuliani following the 2020 elections. The jury’s decision came as a resounding victory for Freeman and Moss, who expressed gratitude but acknowledged that money couldn’t alleviate all their problems. Freeman lamented the loss of her home, neighborhood, and peace of mind.

The trial was not about establishing Giuliani’s defamation of the two women; that had already been admitted by the Republican lawyer himself. The focus was on determining the financial compensation owed to the plaintiffs. Giuliani’s defense attorney argued that the damages sought would have severe consequences for the former mayor, comparing it to a “civil death penalty.” However, the jury saw fit to award substantial amounts, including $16,171,000 and $16,998,000 for defamation of Freeman and Moss, respectively, and $75,000,000 in punitive damages.

Giuliani’s trial was further marred by his own damaging remarks. When leaving the courthouse, he reiterated his belief in the false claims he previously made about Freeman and Moss, alleging their involvement in changing votes. These false accusations only served to underscore Giuliani’s defamatory conduct, drawing attention from both the presiding judge and the jurors. The civil trial showcased how Giuliani’s lies caused immense harm to innocent individuals, who endured harassment and threats as a result.

The case of Moss and Freeman is emblematic of the broader disinformation campaign led by former President Donald Trump. Despite the claims being debunked by independent journalists and even the Department of Justice, Trump persisted in smearing election workers in Georgia, including Moss and Freeman. Giuliani amplified the false narrative and made additional unfounded allegations, inflaming the situation. These brave women, who were merely carrying out their civic duty, have now found some measure of justice through this lawsuit.

Giuliani stated that he plans to appeal the jury’s decision, dismissing the damages awarded as “absurd.” However, it remains to be seen whether this legal strategy will yield any success. As the trial concluded, it became clear that Giuliani’s credibility had been further undermined. His continued belief in the false claims and his refusal to acknowledge the harm caused to Freeman and Moss suggest a disconnect from the trial’s outcome.

In a significant landmark ruling, the jury awarded Freeman and Moss a total of more than $148 million in damages for defamation and emotional distress. Despite Giuliani’s attempts to present a defense, the evidence and testimony overwhelmingly supported the plaintiffs’ claims. This verdict serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of spreading unfounded accusations and the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

(Note: The information used in this article is based on court proceedings and statements made by the involved parties. No direct quotes from news organizations were included.)