Sean Baker Dedicates Palme d’Or Victory to Sex Workers with ‘Anora’, Spotlighting Prejudice and Hope in Cinema

Cannes, France – At the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, a myriad of voices from the global film community echoed a resounding shift toward inclusivity and recognition of unconventional narratives. Sean Baker, who clinched the Palme d’Or for his film “Anora,” dedicated his award to sex workers, hoping the film broadens public perception and acceptance of their lives, underscoring the film’s potential to challenge societal prejudices. Baker expressed his aspiration for “Anora” to reach a wider audience through mainstream cinema channels, emphasizing the importance of visibility for films that illuminate underrepresented communities. This theme of visibility … Read more

Philadelphia Jury Awards $68.5 Million in Landmark Case Against Construction Firm for Worker’s Fatal Fall

Philadelphia, PA — A Philadelphia jury has awarded $68.5 million in damages to the family of a construction worker who died after a fall at a luxury townhouse development site in the city’s Fitler Square area. The worker, identified as 38-year-old Siarhei Marhunou, succumbed to injuries sustained from a fall from an unsecured fifth-floor balcony in December 2021. The substantial verdict came after a contentious trial that cast a spotlight on what attorneys described as significant safety oversights by OCF Construction LLC, the general contractor helmed by developer Ori Feibush. Marhunou’s family, represented by lawyers … Read more

Connecticut Governor Calls for Expansion of Paid Sick Days Statutes to Protect More Workers

HARTFORD, Conn. – Governor Ned Lamont is urging the General Assembly to pass legislation that would expand and strengthen Connecticut’s paid sick days laws. Lamont, along with State Senator Julie Kushner and other lawmakers, emphasized the need for this expansion during a press conference. They argued that the current law leaves many workers without protection. Lamont’s proposal aims to ensure that more workers in the state have the opportunity to take time off when they are sick or need to care for a sick family member. It also includes safeguards for small businesses to prevent … Read more

Bronx Nurse Blames Weak Crime Laws for Attack by Repeat Offender, Sparks Concern for Healthcare Workers

Bronx Nurse Blames “Soft-on-Crime” Laws for Assault A nurse in the Bronx has spoken out about her alleged assault by an undocumented immigrant with a history of targeting female medical workers, blaming New York City’s “soft-on-crime” laws for her attack. Chelsea Mora, a nurse at Jacobi Medical Center, recounted her experience of being struck by Edward Johnson while trying to take his vitals on January 13. Johnson, who is believed to have entered the US illegally over a decade ago, has been arrested 23 times and has allegedly attacked hospital workers in multiple incidents since … Read more