Shocking Courtroom Incident: Man Attacks Judge in Las Vegas, Described as ‘Big, Strong, and Angry’

LAS VEGAS (AP) — In a shocking display of violence, Deobra Redden attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing in Las Vegas. The disturbing incident occurred on Wednesday, leaving both the judge and the courtroom in shock.

Court documents recently released shed light on Redden’s troubled history and provide new details about the moments leading up to the attack. Redden, who has a lengthy criminal record including numerous felony charges, charged at Judge Holthus during the hearing.

Redden appeared in court that day for a crime dating back to April 2023. He was arrested after Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers responded to a call reporting a stolen car. According to the arrest report, Redden grabbed a metal bat and swung it at his brother-in-law, leading to charges of attempted battery with a deadly weapon and parole violation.

During the sentencing hearing, Redden pleaded with the judge, citing mental health issues as a factor in his actions. However, Judge Holthus was determined to hold him accountable, describing Redden as “big, strong, and angry.” Moments later, Redden launched his attack, diving at the judge, slamming her head against the wall, and physically assaulting her.

The attack also resulted in injuries to Marshal Brandon, who was attempting to place Redden under custody. Brandon tripped and dislocated his shoulder, and also suffered a laceration to his forehead requiring 25 stitches.

After the incident, Redden was rebooked into the county jail and is now facing additional battery charges. The violent attack within a courtroom has left the legal community and the public stunned, highlighting the importance of security measures in court facilities.

In summary, Deobra Redden’s attack on Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing in a Las Vegas courtroom has shocked the nation. Redden’s troubled history and the violent nature of the attack have raised concerns about courtroom security and the need for effective measures to protect judges and court personnel.