Judicial Conference Takes Action to Eliminate Judge Shopping and Ensure Fairness in the Courtroom

Washington, D.C. – The Judicial Conference of the United States has taken a significant step towards creating a fair and impartial justice system. In an effort to combat judge shopping and promote random case assignment, the governing body of federal courts has released guidelines for district courts to follow. This move aims to address the appearance of unfairness and restore public trust in the judicial process. Judge shopping refers to the practice of selecting a judge who is perceived to be sympathetic to a particular case. This has raised concerns about the integrity of the … Read more

Widow Awarded $1.75 Million in Landmark Asbestos Lawsuit Recorded Gavel-to-Gavel by Courtroom View Network

Spartanburg, SC – A South Carolina state court jury has awarded approximately $1.75 million to the widow of a maintenance worker who claimed that exposure to asbestos caused his fatal cancer. The trial, which began on March 18, was closely watched as it unfolded. The jury deliberated for a few hours after hearing closing arguments before reaching their verdict. The plaintiff’s attorney, Holly Peterson of Simon Greenstone Panatier PC, argued that the husband’s mesothelioma, a terminal form of cancer affecting the lungs, was primarily caused by exposure to asbestos in gaskets produced by industrial manufacturer … Read more

Former President Trump Returns to New York Courtroom for High-Stakes Battle Over Hush Money Case

NEW YORK – Former President Donald Trump made an appearance in a New York courtroom on Monday as his legal team engaged in a battle with the state over newly received documents in his hush money case. Concurrently, a New York appeals court temporarily halted the looming enforcement of a multimillion-dollar judgment against Trump and his company for deceptive business practices, resulting in a day filled with significant legal proceedings for the former president. Originally scheduled to begin the hush money trial, Monday took an unexpected turn. Instead of proceeding with the trial, Judge Juan … Read more

Oakland Man’s Courtroom Antics Fail to Save Him – Convicted of Murder and Slaughter, Faces Life in Prison

Martinez, California – Ramello Randle, a 28-year-old man from Oakland, has been found guilty of a 2020 shooting that resulted in the death of his ex-girlfriend and the injury of another individual. Randle’s unusual legal strategy, which involved attacking his own lawyer, threatening the jury, and causing courtroom chaos, ultimately failed to secure his acquittal. After just over a day of deliberations, the jury returned with a guilty verdict on Friday morning. In addition, they found Randle guilty of lying in wait, ensuring that he will likely receive a life sentence without the possibility of … Read more