Shreveport City Court Judge Sheva M. Sims Sworn In as Chief Judge, Paving the Way for New Era of Justice

Shreveport, Louisiana – Sheva M. Sims, a judge at Shreveport City Court, will be officially installed as the chief judge on Wednesday at 4 p.m. The ceremony will take place at Courtroom 1, located at 1244 Texas Avenue in Shreveport. Following the installation, a reception will be held to celebrate the occasion.

Sims, who has served as the elected representative for Election District 2, Division D since 2011, was re-elected in both 2014 and 2020. She ran unopposed for her most recent term, which will end on December 31, 2026. Prior to her stint on the bench, Sims gained extensive legal experience over a span of more than 17 years. Her work involved dealing with various types of cases, including civil and criminal litigation, small claims, and domestic matters.

Educationally, Sims holds a juris doctorate from Southern University Law Center and a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Dillard University. Her academic background, combined with her professional experience, has equipped her with a well-rounded skill set to fulfill her duties as the chief judge.

The installation ceremony signifies a significant milestone in Sims’ career, acknowledging her elevated position within the Shreveport City Court. As chief judge, she will bear the responsibility of overseeing the court’s operations and guiding its judicial activities. The role requires both astute legal acumen and leadership qualities, as Sims assumes the crucial role of ensuring the fair and efficient administration of justice within the court.

The event will be an opportunity for colleagues, family, and friends to join together in honoring Sims’ achievements and celebrating this momentous occasion. Additionally, it will serve as a moment of recognition for her notable contributions to the legal field and dedication to upholding justice within the community.

In summary, Sheva M. Sims will be formally installed as chief judge of Shreveport City Court, further solidifying her position as an influential figure within the local judicial system. Her election and subsequent re-elections, coupled with her extensive legal background, make her well-suited to lead the court. The ceremony represents a significant step in her career and gives colleagues and loved ones the chance to applaud her accomplishments.