Skillz Platform Wins Landmark Case Against AviaGames, Awarded $42.9 Million for Patent Infringement

San Francisco, California – A jury in Northern California has ruled in favor of mobile gaming company Skillz Platform Inc. after finding rival cash-game developer AviaGames Inc. guilty of patent infringement. The jury concluded that AviaGames infringed six claims in Skillz’s US Patent No. 9,649,564, potentially opening the door for Judge Beth Labson Freeman to triple the damages award. Skillz has been awarded $42.9 million in damages.

The verdict is being hailed as a victory for Skillz and a step towards promoting fairness in the gaming industry. Andrew Dahlinghaus, Skillz’s general counsel, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “We’re very pleased with the verdict. It’s a step in the right direction to promoting fairness in our industry.” On the other hand, AviaGames has not yet responded to requests for comment from their lawyers.

Skillz, a leading mobile gaming company, had accused AviaGames of infringing on its patents, claiming that the rival company had copied their ideas and technology. The disputed patents related to the development and operation of cash-game apps. With this ruling, Skillz has successfully established that AviaGames knowingly and willfully infringed on their intellectual property.

The damages awarded to Skillz may potentially be tripled by Judge Freeman, as the jury found that AviaGames infringed on the patents willfully. This possibility could significantly increase the financial implications for AviaGames.

The outcome of this case could have broader implications for the mobile gaming industry. Intellectual property protection is a critical issue in this rapidly growing sector, where companies invest substantial resources in innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Skillz’s successful defense of its patents sends a strong message to other game developers that protecting intellectual property rights is essential.

As the legal battle between Skillz and AviaGames continues, the mobile gaming industry will be closely watching the potential repercussions of this case. The verdict marks a significant victory for Skillz, who now hopes to safeguard its intellectual property and maintain fair competition within the industry.