Federal Circuit Identifies Prejudicial Legal Error in Tamper-Resistant Food Container Patent Case

Boston, Massachusetts – The Federal Circuit recently overturned a judgment of invalidity and ordered a new trial in the case of Inline Plastics Corp. v. Lacerta Group, LLC. The court determined that the district court’s jury instruction on objective indicia of nonobviousness was a prejudicial legal error. The case revolved around patents for tamper-resistant and tamper-evident food containers. In American civil litigation, jury instructions provide the legal rules and guidelines for jurors to follow when reaching a verdict. The judge’s role is to ensure these instructions accurately reflect the applicable law. Attorneys from both sides … Read more

Seoul Semiconductor Takes Legal Action Against Amazon for Patent Infringement, Seeking Injunction on Sales of LED Products

SEOUL, South Korea– Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SSC), a global leader in LED products and technology, has taken legal action against retail giant Amazon. The company filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the European Unified Patent Court, seeking an injunction to stop the sale of infringing products. Over the past five years, SSC and its affiliates have successfully obtained 15 permanent injunctions for patent infringement in courts across the United States, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. However, the company found that filing lawsuits in individual countries was not the most efficient way to enforce patents … Read more

Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Lawsuit Against Amazon in European Unified Patent Court

Seoul, South Korea – Seoul Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), has taken legal action against e-commerce giant Amazon.com. The company has filed a patent lawsuit with the newly established European Unified Patent Court, aiming to prevent the distribution of allegedly infringing products across Europe. The European Unified Patent Court, established in June 2023, has the authority to enforce patent rights simultaneously in 17 European Union countries with a single injunction. Seoul Semiconductor revealed that it has obtained 15 individual court injunctions related to patent infringement against various companies in the United States, … Read more

Federal Judge Orders New Trial as Samsung’s $67.5 Million Patent Infringement Award Overturned Due to Possible Jury Confusion

Marshall, Texas – A federal judge has ordered a new damages trial in the patent infringement case between Samsung Electronics Co. and G+ Communications LLC. The $67.5 million award previously granted to G+ Communications was wiped out due to possible jury confusion during deliberations, according to Judge Rodney Gilstrap. The January verdict, which found Samsung guilty of infringing on 5G smartphone technology, has been deemed unreliable. The companies involved failed to properly educate the jury on the distinction between running and lump sum royalties, leading to potential misunderstanding. This ruling has significant implications for both … Read more