Taft Law Firm Sues Stratacache Tower Owner for Neglected Building Conditions and Breached Lease

Dayton, Ohio – The prestigious law firm Taft has filed a lawsuit against Arkham Tower LLC, alleging that the building it leases has been poorly maintained and managed. Taft claims that the deteriorating conditions of the building have resulted in numerous issues, including constant problems with HVAC and plumbing. According to the complaint, the law firm has been leasing space in the building since 2010, but since Arkham Tower, led by Stratacache CEO Chris Riegel, acquired it in 2019 and renamed it the “Stratacache Tower,” the maintenance issues have persisted.

Taft asserts that it has been working with Arkham in good faith to address the building’s problems. However, it claims that the promises made by Arkham to resolve the maintenance issues have not been fulfilled. In response, Chris Riegel expressed disappointment with the lawsuit, denying some of Taft’s claims. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a safe environment for the building’s occupants and highlighted that Taft had renewed its lease for both 2021 and 2023, contradicting their allegations of inadequate maintenance.

The lawsuit also reveals that Taft believes the building’s office space does not meet the “Class A” level claimed by Arkham. Taft initiated renovations and temporarily moved to other unused floors in the building while preparing for the construction. However, the law firm claims that Arkham refused to remove significant amounts of friable asbestos, which was deemed necessary by consulting firms for the renovations due to safety concerns and compliance with regulations.

Taft argues that Arkham’s proposed solution to mitigate the asbestos hazard is insufficient and fails to comply with OSHA and EPA regulations, as stated in the lease agreement. Additionally, the law firm alleges that the building suffers from various other issues, including leaking radiators and pipes, water damage, temperature control problems, lack of janitorial services, and the presence of insects and mice.

The legal complaint alleges that Arkham has breached its lease agreement with Taft and seeks a court ruling directing Arkham to remove the asbestos and maintain the office space at a “Class A” level. Taft is also requesting punitive damages, costs, expenses, and attorney fees, amounting to over $25,000.

In response to Riegel’s statement, Taft issued a counter statement denying Arkham’s claims and stating that the building’s condition has deteriorated since the lease amendment. The law firm firmly asserts that Arkham’s refusal to fulfill its obligations regarding asbestos abatement left them with no choice but to file the lawsuit.

The outcome of this legal battle will determine whether Arkham Tower LLC will be held accountable for the alleged negligence in maintaining the building and addressing the issues raised by Taft. The lawsuit highlights the challenges faced by businesses in ensuring a safe and suitable work environment for their employees and tenants.