West End Jewelry Business Settles Lawsuit Over ‘Nanny Cam’ Scandal, Case Continues for Former Owner

RICHMOND, Va. – Lustre, a jewelry business located in Richmond, Virginia, and its co-owner, Robin Salzberg, have recently reached a settlement in a long-standing lawsuit. The legal battle was initiated by the Salzberg family’s former nanny, Sara Hatch, who had also worked for Lustre. Hatch had sought $5 million in damages, claiming workplace sexual harassment and emotional distress after discovering a hidden camera in the family’s bathroom. The lawsuit was first filed in September 2021, with Hatch initially identified as Jane Doe. However, a judge later ruled that her identity should be revealed. Throughout the … Read more

Connecticut Business Owner Indicted for Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme Involving Prize Insurance Business

NORWALK, Connecticut – A business owner from Norwalk, Connecticut has been indicted on six counts of fraud related to his prize insurance business. Kevin Kolenda, the owner of Hole-In-Won LLC, allegedly defrauded dozens of organizations and individuals out of nearly $1 million. Hole-In-Won provided prize insurance for events such as golf tournaments and fishing contests through its website, claiming to be the most successful prize insurance company in the world. The indictment accuses Kolenda of collecting approximately $850,000 in insurance premiums under false pretenses and failing to pay more than $100,000 in prize costs. The … Read more

Baltimore Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Passes Away at 94, Leaving Legacy of Controversy and Struggles for the Team

Baltimore, Maryland – Prominent Baltimore Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos passed away at the age of 94, announced the team on Saturday. Known as a billionaire personal injury attorney, Angelos played a crucial role in keeping the Orioles in Baltimore. However, his tenure was marked by a strained relationship with the fan base. The cause of his death was not disclosed, although he had been in poor health for several years. Growing up in Baltimore’s Highlandtown neighborhood as the son of Greek immigrants, Angelos began his career in politics, winning elected office at the age … Read more

Determined Dog Owner Seeks Justice: Attorney Engaged After BCSO Deputies Shoot Her Beloved Rottweilers

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) — A dog owner in Kennewick, Washington is seeking legal advice after two of her Rottweilers were shot by Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputies. The incident occurred when deputies were responding to a call about loose and aggressive dogs in a residential neighborhood. The dog owner, whose identity remains undisclosed, is devastated and is working closely with her lawyer to determine the best course of action. She claims that her Rottweilers, which she considers her beloved pets and members of her family, were wrongfully targeted and unnecessarily harmed. The owner insists that … Read more