Former Charleston Battery Owner Hit with $4.5 Million Judgment for 2018 Golf Cart Assault

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. — A Charleston County court has confirmed a $4.5 million judgment against former Charleston Battery owner, Eric Bernard Bowman, relating to two instances of vehicular assault in 2018. The lawsuit resolved with Bowman being held liable for significant compensatory and punitive damages. In a detailed evaluation, the jury awarded the plaintiff, Wallace Blair Crosby, $1.8 million in actual damages for the injuries sustained during the incident. Additionally, Bowman faces $2.7 million in punitive damages, a reflection of the jury’s perception of the severity of his actions and intended as a deterrent against … Read more

$4.66 Million Verdict Upheld Against Former Charleston Battery Owner for Assault with Golf Cart Over Bar Tab Dispute

Sullivan’s Island, SC – A South Carolina judge has confirmed a multi-million dollar jury decision against Eric Bowman, a tech entrepreneur and the former owner of the Charleston Battery soccer team, stemming from a 2018 altercation where he was accused of using a golf cart to assault Wallace “B.J.” Crosby. The verdict, issued in June, demands from Bowman over $4.66 million in damages. The incident occurred outside Dunleavy’s Pub on Sullivan’s Island when Crosby, whose fiancee was working as a bartender at the establishment, confronted Bowman about an unpaid $124 bar tab. According to court … Read more

Shoregate Towers Owner Seeks to Change Plea in Wake of Legal Battle Over Building Code Violations

Willowick, Ohio — In a significant turn of events at Willoughby Municipal Court, Lemma Getachew, the owner of Shoregate Towers, has opted to forego a jury trial in favor of a plea change. Court documents released on June 21 reveal that Getachew has requested the court to expedite a hearing to alter his plea, emphasizing his desire to resolve the case promptly. As of now, a date for the hearing has not been set. Getachew’s decision comes ahead of what would have been a trial set for April 15, where he faced 45 criminal charges. … Read more

Reedley Lab Owner Sues City and FDA, Alleges Rights Violations in Wake of Illegal Operation Crackdown

Reedley, Calif. — A controversy continues to unfold more than a year after government officials unearthed an unauthorized laboratory in Reedley, leading to a complex legal battle. The owner of the lab, David He, also known as Jia Bei Zhu, has initiated a lawsuit against the City of Reedly and the FDA, alleging significant violations of his constitutional rights. This legal action did not catch the city officials off guard. Reedley’s City Manager, Nicole Zieba, commented on the city’s readiness to face these allegations, revealing that He had previously sought a substantial $50 million in … Read more