Groundbreaking $14.4 Million Jury Verdict Secured by Silver Golub & Teitell in Landmark Case Upholding Victim’s Rights

HARTFORD, Conn. – A jury has awarded a $14.4 million verdict in favor of the plaintiffs in a silver poisoning case. The trial, held in Hartford Superior Court, concluded with the jury finding the defendants, Silver Golub & Teitell LLP, liable for the harms caused by their actions. The case centered around allegations that the defendants, a law firm, failed to adequately protect their clients from the dangers of silver exposure. The plaintiffs, who had worked in a silver factory, claimed that they suffered significant health issues as a result of prolonged exposure to silver … Read more

Democratic Rep. Jake Auchincloss Advocates for Upholding ‘Rule of Law’ at the US-Mexico Border

DEDHAM, Massachusetts – Democratic Representative Jake Auchincloss has expressed his belief that Americans prioritize the “rule of law” in relation to border control policies. In a recent statement, Auchincloss emphasized the need for a strong legal framework to govern immigration processes. Auchincloss, who represents Massachusetts’ 4th congressional district, highlighted the importance of a comprehensive approach to addressing the border situation. He argued that while Americans are compassionate and value human rights, they also recognize the necessity of enforcing the law. The congressman’s remarks come amidst an ongoing debate over immigration policies, particularly concerning the surge … Read more

Federal Judge Declares Prohibition on Firearms in Post Offices Unconstitutional, Upholding Second Amendment Rights

TAMPA, Florida – A federal judge in Florida has ruled that a U.S. law prohibiting individuals from carrying firearms in post offices is unconstitutional, joining a growing number of court decisions that assert gun restrictions violate the Constitution. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who was appointed by former President Trump, based her decision on the 2022 Supreme Court ruling in “New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.” This landmark ruling extended gun rights by recognizing an individual’s right to bear a handgun in public for self-defense. Judge Mizelle made her ruling while … Read more

Wisconsin Judge Stands Firm, Upholding Elections Official Amid Republican Opposition

MADISON, Wis. – In a blow to Republicans who sought to remove her from her position, a judge in Wisconsin ruled on Friday that the state’s top elections official, Meagan Wolfe, is legally holding her post. The judge also determined that the commission responsible for appointing her is not obligated to name a new leader. The Wisconsin Elections Commission, which is composed of three Democrats and three Republicans, was deadlocked in June over the reappointment of Wolfe as the administrator of elections. While the three Republican commissioners voted in favor of her reappointment, the three … Read more