Tarzana Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges in Wife and In-Laws’ Slaying

Encino, California – The man accused of brutally murdering his wife and in-laws and disposing of his wife’s remains in a trash bin, entered a plea of not guilty on Friday. Samuel Bond Haskell, who is currently being held without bail, is scheduled to return to court in February for a preliminary hearing.

The disturbing case involves the disappearance of Tarzana woman Mei Haskell and her parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshan Li. Mei Haskell’s uncle is seeking justice and closure for his family’s tragic ordeal. Samuel Haskell was arrested in November after a video linked him to the discovery of a female torso in Encino. However, the bodies of the victims have yet to be found.

At his court appearance, Haskell was dressed in a specialized jail smock designed to prevent suicides. During the arraignment, the smock fell off or was intentionally removed, leaving him shirtless. This unusual incident added another layer of intrigue to the already shocking proceedings.

In November, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office confirmed that the remains found in Encino belonged to Mei Haskell through DNA analysis. However, additional remains have not been located. The couple’s three young children were placed in protective custody shortly after their mother’s disappearance.

The investigation took a chilling turn when details emerged about Haskell allegedly hiring day laborers to move trash bags from his home. The workers reported that they saw what appeared to be a part of a human body inside the bags, causing them to return the bags to Haskell. This disturbing account raises questions about the extent of the tragedy and the nature of the crimes committed.

YanQing Wang, the only relative living in the United States, expressed confusion and distress over the ongoing search for his sister and brother-in-law. Despite the murder charges against Samuel Haskell and the evidence pointing to his involvement, the whereabouts of the victims remain unknown. The lack of answers has left Wang haunted by nightmares and desperate for closure.

Haskell’s arrest came after security footage revealed a person disposing of a large trash bag, believed to contain the remains, into a dumpster near a shopping center. The authorities subsequently conducted a thorough search of the Haskell home, where they uncovered evidence pointing to murder and possible dismemberment.

As the legal process continues, the victims’ families and the community at large are left to grapple with the horrifying reality of this case. The search for justice and answers in the disappearance of Mei Haskell, Yanxiang Wang, and Gaoshan Li remains ongoing.

In summary, Samuel Bond Haskell pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against him, denying any involvement in the deaths of his wife and in-laws. The investigation continues as authorities search for the missing bodies and gather evidence to build their case. The shocking nature of this crime has left the community stunned and desperate for answers.