Family Struggles: In-Laws Unwilling to Attend Events with Grandchild’s Black Grandparent

Carlisle, Pennsylvania – A couple in Carlisle is facing a difficult situation as their in-laws consistently bail on family events when their parents are present. The couple has a 2-year-old son, and the in-laws have been noticeably absent for important occasions like Joey’s baptism and his birthday parties. The wife suspects that the reason behind this behavior may be racism, as her father is Black and her in-laws were surprised and unhappy when they first met him. However, the father-in-law claims that her dad’s outgoing personality makes him uncomfortable. Now, the in-laws are requesting separate … Read more

Parenting Dilemma: Navigating Homophobic In-Laws and Protecting Your Son’s Identity

Austin, Texas – A mother seeks guidance on how to address her in-laws’ bigoted and homophobic remarks about her 6-year-old son. The mother is torn because her son enjoys spending time with his grandparents, but she believes canceling a scheduled visit may be the right thing to do. Her husband supports her but has difficulty confronting his parents. She feels responsible for not taking a stand earlier and is unsure how to handle the situation. Instead of immediately canceling the visit, the advice columnist suggests talking to the in-laws about their comments. The mother should … Read more

How to Handle Well-Meaning In-Laws with Different Parenting Beliefs

FREEVILLE, NY – A couple seeks advice on how to navigate their in-laws’ religious influence on their parenting decisions. The couple, who recently had their first child, face suggestions from their religious in-laws that stem from their evangelical beliefs. In search of a solution, the couple wrote a letter to advice columnist Amy Dickinson, known as Ask Amy. The in-laws, who are described as nice people, tend to view everything through the lens of their religious beliefs. While the couple appreciates their love and concern, they do not wish to raise their child in their … Read more

In-Laws’ Lack of Bathroom Sparks Dilemma for Family: To Pee or Not to Pee?

Brief: A woman is seeking advice on how to address the lack of basic amenities in her in-laws’ guesthouse during their visits. She ponders whether she should suggest they install a bathroom, but worries about burdening her mother-in-law. The advice columnist encourages her to advocate for her family’s comfort and safety, emphasizing that both presence and truth-telling are forms of respect. Springfield, USA – A woman is grappling with a predicament during her visits to her in-laws’ home in Springfield. Despite maintaining a great relationship with her in-laws, she finds it challenging to cope with … Read more