Texas Woman Faces Murder Charge for Boyfriend’s Overdose: Testing the Boundaries of a New Law

GRAPEVINE, Texas – A woman in Grapevine, Texas is facing a murder charge under a new law that allows drug dealers to be charged with murder if a user dies from an overdose. Kami Ludwig was arrested this week after her boyfriend died of an overdose in November. According to police, she purchased fentanyl-laced pills, Xanax, cocaine, and other drugs from dealers in Fort Worth and Louisiana.

The victim, William Shane Nolen, died of a fentanyl overdose in November. It is alleged that Ludwig bought the drugs and brought them to Nolen. The investigation revealed that Ludwig had sought out the pills before Nolen’s death. Detectives found evidence in Ludwig’s possession, including fentanyl-laced pills, cocaine, oxycodone, and Xanax.

The new state law, which came into effect in September, allows for murder charges to be filed against those who supply fentanyl resulting in death. Previously, the law was mainly used against drug dealers and suppliers. The decision to charge Ludwig with murder will be made by a grand jury.

Criminal defense attorney Zachary Ferguson believes that proving the murder charge will be difficult. He questions whether the intent of the law was to pursue individual drug users. Ludwig’s attorney has stated that judgment should be withheld until all the facts and circumstances are known.

Ludwig has since been released on bond. Grapevine police are still working to track down the drug dealers involved in the case, and further arrests may be made.

The case highlights the application of the new law to drug users and the challenges prosecutors may face in proving murder charges in such cases. It remains to be seen how the grand jury will decide in Ludwig’s case.

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