UFC President Stands with Attacked Las Vegas Judge, Praises Her Resilience in Viral Video

Las Vegas, Nevada – A judge in Las Vegas received support from UFC president after being attacked by a convict in her own courtroom. The incident gained attention after a viral video captured the moment when Deobra Redden leaped over the bench and assaulted Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. Despite the attack, Judge Holthus returned to her duties and was commended for her resilience.

UFC president and CEO Dana White expressed his support for Judge Holthus in an Instagram post. The picture, featuring the two of them together, was accompanied by the caption: “Met… The Judge last night!! #marykayholthus.” The post displayed the solidarity and endorsement of the judge’s actions.

Following the attack, Redden now faces an additional charge of attempted murder against an older person. This charge further highlights the severity of the incident. Redden is set to appear in court on Tuesday to face these charges.

The incident raises concerns about courtroom security and the safety of judges. It is paramount for the safety of all courtroom participants, including judges, that proper security measures are in place to prevent such attacks from happening again in the future.

The attack on Judge Holthus serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks that judges face in carrying out their duties. Despite the dangers, judges continue to play a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice is served.

In conclusion, the support shown to Judge Holthus by the UFC president highlights the commendable resilience she displayed in the face of a violent attack. The incident also brings attention to the need for enhanced courtroom security measures to protect the safety of judges and all individuals involved in the judicial process.