Remembering Jean Laws: Celebrating a Life of Impact and Resilience in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Jean Laws, a prominent figure in the local community, passed away last week at the age of 76. Laws, known for her tireless efforts in advocating for social justice and equality, leaves behind a legacy of compassion and dedication. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she dedicated her life to making a positive impact in her community. Laws was a trailblazer, breaking barriers in various fields throughout her career. She worked tirelessly to achieve equal rights for all and fought against discrimination in all its forms. Recognized for her activism, Laws received multiple … Read more

UFC President Stands with Attacked Las Vegas Judge, Praises Her Resilience in Viral Video

Las Vegas, Nevada – A judge in Las Vegas received support from UFC president after being attacked by a convict in her own courtroom. The incident gained attention after a viral video captured the moment when Deobra Redden leaped over the bench and assaulted Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. Despite the attack, Judge Holthus returned to her duties and was commended for her resilience. UFC president and CEO Dana White expressed his support for Judge Holthus in an Instagram post. The picture, featuring the two of them together, was … Read more

Remembering Jean Delores Laws: A Life of Resilience and Impact in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Jean Delores Laws, a renowned educator and advocate for social justice, passed away in 2024. Laws dedicated her life to promoting equality and empowering marginalized communities. She was a significant figure in Philadelphia and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on the education system and the fight against social inequality. Laws started her career in education as a teacher, where she quickly stood out for her innovative teaching methods and unwavering commitment to her students. Her passion for education led her to pursue advanced degrees in educational administration, eventually becoming the principal of … Read more