Unraveling the Custody Battle: CEO’s Estranged Husband Speaks Out in Tragic Killing of 4-Year-Old

Bengaluru, India – PR Venkat Raman, the estranged husband of AI startup CEO Suchana Seth, expressed profound grief as he presented his statement to the police. This came after Suchana’s arrest on charges of murdering their four-year-old son. Raman’s lawyer stated that his client was unaware of the motives behind the crime and believed that only Suchana could provide answers. The 39-year-old CEO, on the other hand, denied any involvement in her son’s death, claiming to have discovered him lifeless when she woke up.

The lawyer representing Raman remarked that his client had lost his beloved son, leaving him without the possibility of seeking justice for himself or the deceased child. Speculating on the trigger for the offense, the lawyer suggested that Suchana possibly wanted to prevent the child from having contact with his father or forming an emotional bond.

An investigation into the murder has revealed a potential link to a custody battle between Suchana and Raman. A crumpled note found in Suchana’s luggage hinted at her frustrations regarding the custody battle, but she tore it into pieces. On January 6, Suchana checked into a hotel in Goa with her son but departed alone the following day. On January 8, the police discovered the child’s lifeless body inside Suchana’s luggage during her journey from Goa to Bengaluru. The autopsy report indicated that the child had been suffocated approximately 36 hours before.

Raman’s lawyer disclosed that the court initially permitted his client to communicate with the child via phone or video call. Subsequently, in November, Raman was granted scheduled visits to the child’s home. However, Suchana insisted on meeting outside of the house and did not allow him to enter. Raman attempted to meet his son on January 7 in Bengaluru but received no response to his messages, according to his lawyer. He further stated that Raman had been denied access to his son for the past five Sundays and received no response on January 7 either, while the mother and child were in Goa.

In summary, PR Venkat Raman, the estranged husband of AI startup CEO Suchana Seth, expressed grief over the death of their son, for which Suchana has been accused but denies responsibility. An ongoing investigation is analyzing the possible connection between the custody battle and the murder. Raman’s lawyer has claimed that his client was consistently prevented from meeting his son, surrendering the opportunity to spend time with him. The tragedy has left Raman devastated, with no chance of seeking justice for either himself or his deceased child.