Victory for Wisconsin: Judge Upholds Top Election Official’s Position Despite Republican Attempts for Removal

MADISON, Wisconsin — In a recent ruling, a judge in Wisconsin has granted permission for the state’s top election official to maintain her position, dealing a blow to the Republican-controlled state Senate’s efforts to remove her. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) official, Meagan Wolfe, was targeted by the Senate, which alleged misconduct in the handling of the 2020 election.

Accusing Wolfe of orchestrating an election rigging scheme in Wisconsin, the Republican-controlled Senate voted in September to terminate her from her role. However, these claims have been proven false after extensive investigations, including nonpartisan audits and multiple recounts, concluding in President Biden’s victory in the swing state.

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Ann Peacock delivered her decision on Friday, aligning with the WEC’s argument that stability in the state’s election system, especially leading up to the 2024 election, should take priority. As a result, Wolfe has been cleared to retain her position. Judge Peacock’s injunction also safeguards against any future unsupported attempts to remove Wolfe from office, providing a sense of permanence and stability.

Democrats firmly contested the legitimacy of the state Senate’s vote to remove Wolfe, asserting that they lack the authority to oust her from her position or appoint an interim administrator. Judge Peacock’s ruling deems the Senate’s statute to oust Wolfe obsolete. Additionally, the defendants have been prohibited from taking any official actions contrary to the court order.

Expressing relief over the judge’s decision, Wolfe commented, “I hope this will put an end to attempts by some to target nonpartisan election officials and fabricate reasons to disrupt Wisconsin elections.” She described the efforts to undermine her as particularly cruel, considering that the legislators themselves acknowledged her lawful administration.

In conclusion, Judge Peacock’s ruling solidifies Meagan Wolfe’s continuation in her role as Wisconsin’s top election official. This decision serves as a significant setback to the state Senate’s attempts to remove her and offers reassurance for the stability and integrity of future elections in Wisconsin.